Historical backlash in Swiss Exports and Imports in the second quarter of 2020

Swiss external trade showed a historical downtrade. Exports as against the first quarter of 2020 sank  seasonally adjusted by 11.5 % and imports markedly by 16 %, This results is due to the Corona Pandemic in April 2020, but external trade showed some improvements in Mai and June 2020.  Rhe trade balance showed a record surplus of CHF 9.6 billion.

The key factors:

  • Goods for the Bijouterie and jewellery sector: Exports -70.2 % and imports -80.6 %.
  • Watch exports have halved and fall back to the level of the second quarter of 1999.
  • Exports to North America were 20 % lower.
  • For China resulted a plus in both directions and a record by imports.

Seasonal adjusted Swiss external trade: