Comprehensive hygiene management is gaining in importance in the Corona crisis: Antiviral properties of selected Sanitized® products on hard, non-porous surfaces are confirmed

Tests conducted by independent laboratories have now confirmed that several Sanitized® products have an effectiveness against viruses on polymer surfaces.

Swiss company SANITIZED AG is pleased to confirm validation from impartial labs that several Sanitized® products are also effective against viruses (in accordance with ISO 21702:2019). The viral efficacy was confirmed in various polymer carriers. Tests were performed using a feline coronavirus with structures and mechanisms similar to SARS-Cov2.

Sanitized® additives are the perfect tool for an antiviral and antibacterial treatment of different polymer types which play a central role in healthcare applications, technical applications, mattress protectors, public transportation, food industry or everyday necessities.

Before any product’s antiviral properties can be claimed, viral tests must be performed of the treated articles in specialized laboratories. Compliance with local legal regulations is essential here. SANITIZED AG explicitly points out that this is a standard procedure and has composed a preliminary SANITIZED Regulatory Guide: Placing antiviral and antimicrobial treated polymers on the market.

SANITIZED AG has been offering antimicrobial additives to enhance the functionality of polymers for plastics for over 80 years. Many of its customers from various industries value its broad product portfolio and high level of service. Especially in the hospital environment, in old people’s homes, public spaces and transportation, Sanitized® material and hygiene protection becomes an important piece of equipment that contributes to comprehensive hygiene management.

The SANITIZED team is available to producers to answer their specific questions.

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SANITIZED AG is the leading worldwide producer of antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles and plastics. For over 80 years, the company has been undertaking pioneering work in this field and has become an established specialist in comprehensive hygiene concepts. In addition to effective products, the range of services also includes advice on marketing and technical issues, diverse testing services, as well as a well-founded brand and license concept. SANITIZED AG only uses scientifically researched antimicrobial active ingredients that have undergone strictest risk assessments for people and the environment in internationally recognized procedures.