Terrot continues its R&D activities during COVID-19

Leading German circular knitting machine builder, Terrot reports that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chemnitz headquartered company is forging ahead with its R&D activities, whilst supporting its customers.

“Despite limited travel activities, Terrot keeps the contact to customers and its ability to behave by 100 percent. The result of a joint campaign are new technologies and prospective cloths,” Terrot said today in a statement.

“In a direct alliance with clients and external partners, Terrot is testing new technological features and sets them into practice. Terrot impressively shows that even in difficult times its R&D division is in the side of its own customers,” the company adds.

Concerning market recovery after the coronavirus crisis, the company comments, “First brand new incoming orders are providing positive market signals.”

In addition to its core business, Terrot can also be continuing with the creation of mouth-nose masks. Together with regional and international partners, the company is producing top quality masks according to client requirements.