Brands launch private apps to build long-term customer relations

In an effort to connect with their consumers and form a bond, brands across different product segments are building new apps that broadcast their latest campaigns and new collections. In February this year, Gucci launched Version 6.0.0 of its official app to display its latest collections and news. Featuring mini games and podcast episodes, the app uses the augmented reality (AR) lens to enable its users to try on lipstick colors and footwear virtually.

Helping brands identify customers

One of the most significant advantages of building an app for brands is that it enables them to identify their consumers. Hence, it is crucial for them to build their own private channels. This helps to improve engagement with consumers besides increasing sales prospects. The recent chat module R Message developed by Burberry and Apple allows consumers to communicate with choices and preferences directly to the sales associates of the brand.

Such applications are common in China where brands can execute their CRM activities, launch exclusive products and reactivate consumers through their service accounts orBrands launch private apps to build long term customer relations dedicated mini programs on WeChat. The transactional and behavioral data on this application can be tracked by the brands which can use this data to service their existing clients and also form new ones.

However, such solutions are not common in the Western countries which focus mainly on remarketing and SMS or email marketing. In such countries, applications like R Message and StyleHint can create an opportunity for brands and consumers to interact with each other.

A two-pronged approach to increase traffic

Brands in such countries can also adopt a two-pronged approach to increase their private traffic. They can create a controlled environment for engaging with consumers by launching new apps besides using channels like WeChat to engage with their Chinese consumers.

Increasing competition in the global fashion market has made it imperative for brands to increase their communication with their clients. These brands are now focusing on leveraging the available CRM opportunities that enable to form long-term relationships with their clients.