The new driving force behind sales for leading e-commerce brands

By guest author Robb Young, Global Markets Editor of Business of Fashion

Protecting your brand from pirates is a tricky business. Brand leaders need to be prepared for a tedious, protracted and often expensive legal battle before uttering the words “I’ll see you in court.” In a bid to protect his valuable trademarks, Michael Jordan had no qualms about taking sportswear giant Qiaodan Sports to China’s highest court. Why would he? The Jordan brand reportedly generates more than $3 billion in annual revenue for him and Nike. But the fascinating case has since become a thorn in the retired basketball player’s side. In today’s must-read feature, Casey Hall explains why Jordan’s epic IP battle is a cautionary tale for any brand looking to protect their interests in China.

Elsewhere, Tamison O’Connor delves into the curious case of “pandemic-proof” brands like Amina Muaddi who have found a way of selling USD 800 party shoes when there are no parties to go to.

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