Webcast on the Sporting Goods Industry post Covid-19 – Tends, Challenges and Opportunities

This is to invite you to a private webcast to discuss our perspective on the Sporting Goods Industry post-COVID-19 as well as trends, challenges & opportunities. This webinar is organized jointly by the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry and McKinsey & Company.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve rapidly, sporting goods brands, manufacturers and retailers around the globe have been taking immediate action to respond to this challenge and are now looking ahead and preparing for the Next Normal.

We invite Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Heads of Response Task Forces as well as relevant leaders in the response such as Heads of HR, Heads of Procurement, Heads of Sourcing, Chief Merchants and others to attend. 

During the session, we will discuss the specific implications of COVID-19 for the Sporting Goods Industry and explore best practices from other industries to illustrate our theses on how industry leaders can best act and prepare now for the Next Normal.

Robbert de Kock (President & CEO of the WFSGI) and Raphael Buck (Senior Partner at McKinsey) will host the discussion together with leading experts:

•             Emanuele Pedrotti (Former CEO of Fila),

•             Achim Berg (Senior Partner with McKinsey and leader of its Apparel, Fashion & Luxury practice),

•             Alexander Thiel (Partner with McKinsey in Europe),

•             Althea Peng (Partner with McKinsey in North America) and

•             Felix Poh (Partner with McKinsey in Asia) as well as further industry experts.

The webcasts will be held on Wednesday, 8 July 2020 in two slots:

Slot #1:

9am-10am CET / 3pm-4pm HKG / 3am-4am ET

Online registration  for Slot 1 can be had here

Slot #2:

5pm-6pm CET / 11pm-12am HKG / 11am-12pm ET

Online registration  for Slot 2 can be had here

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