Worth Reading – Select USA Investor Guide

A business plan is an essential first step to establish business operations in the United States. Our investor guide is designed to give you an overview of what you need to know in order to successfully bring your company to the United States.

Highly qualified professionals who regularly advise foreign investors drafted each chapter. Take a dive into the chapters of:

•             Investment Checklist (By Robert Calafell, National Credits & Incentives Leader; Matt Dollard, Global Expansion Advisory Leader; and Goran Lukic, Director. Organization: RSM)

•             Immigration (By Andrew Greenfield. Organization: Fragomen)

•             Business Structure (By Anna Jinhua Wang, Jeffrey J. White, J. Michael Wirvin, and Michael J. Kearney. Organization: Robinson & Cole)

•             Taxes (By Jillian Symes, Julia Tonkovich, and Steve Wlodychak. Organization: EY)

•             Workforce (By Michael Sachs, Senior Attorney; Adam Boland, Member; Vanessa Kelley, Senior Attorney; Paul Starkman, Member; and Charles Russman, Senior Counsel. Organization: Clark Hill)

•             FDI Restrictions (By Edward S. Rivera, Attorney Advisor (Int’l). Organization: Office of the Chief Counsel for International Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce)

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