Keeping a business thriving and growing is difficult in the best of times. The current climate requires new approaches and creative thinking. Join AATCC for two new webinars to help strengthen your business.

Captions courtesy by AATCC

Drive Organic Growth… with B2B-optimised Customer Interviews

June 29, 2020; 11:00 AM (EDT)

Presented by Dan Adams, President of The AIM Institute

Learn how to put your B2B advantages to work, so you can go beyond “hand-me-down” consumer voice-of-customer methods. Great interviewing leads to better customer insights and then superior new products… and ultimately rapid, profitable, sustainable growth. Bonus: Dan will share AIM’s latest methods for conducting interviews without a plane ride: 10 advantages of “Virtual VOC”… and 8 tips for becoming a VVOC pro.

How to Reduce Risk in Major R&D Projects… With Confidence

July 23, 2020; 11:00 AM (EDT)

Presented by Dan Adams, President of The AIM Institute

Dan and his team have recently developed a whole new approach to managing large, high-impact R&D projects. With this method, you’ll confidently uncover and defuse “landmines” that blow up schedules, projects and careers. And you’ll completely change the conversation with management: No more, “Trust us, you’ll love our project.” Instead of judging your team, management will join it.

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