AATCC Webinar – Overview of Surgical Mask and Respirator Requirements Webinar (July 9, 2020)

AATCC is pleased to announce the PPE Webinar Series will continue July 9 at 11:00AM (EDT) with a webinar focusing on an overview of surgical mask and respirator requirements.

This presentation will provide an overview of surgical masks and respirator industry standard, methods, and regulations. Also discussed will be the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s actions to help alleviate the shortage medical PPE through COVID-19 Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA’s) and Enforcement Policies. The interim policies specifically relating to surgical masks and respirators will be highlighted.

This webinar is offered at no cost to individual and corporate members of AATCC and at a 70 % discount (USD 45) for non-members.

Join the live webinar to ask questions of Mr. McGarrity or view the recording at your convenience.

Matthew McGarrity SGS – North America, Inc.

Matt McGarrity joined the Hardlines group in CRS at SGS in 2010. He specializes in regulatory, industry requirements, and quality testing. Mr. McGarrity’s focus is on Medical PPE, Environmental Exposure, and Accelerated Aging. As a senior technical manager of Hardlines, Matt designs and manages NBE (National Brand Equivalency) and benchmark testing programmes.

Registration is necessary and can be made online here:


Matthew McGarrity SGS – North America, Inc.