Envisioning the Future of Man-Made Cellulosic Fibers (MMCF): MMCF 2030

Textile Exchange and Forum for the Future are proud to present you a new Vision for the future of MMCF- including viscose, modal, rayon, and lyocell- the second biggest cellulosic fiber group after cotton. As a derivative of wood pulp and other natural plant materials, MMCF can play an important role in regenerating many of Earth’s ecosystems, which play an essential role in stabilizing the planet’s climate.

The MMCF 2030 Vision comes at a time when the textile and apparel industries are grappling with the significant and lasting disruption caused by climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic. Co-convened by Forum for the Future and Textile Exchange, and co-created by the most significant industry players and stakeholders in the MMCF value chain, the Vision outlines how MMCF could revolutionize the global textile industry by realising truly circular fashion, regenerating ecosystems, providing vital carbon sinks, and growing community resilience and prosperity. It calls on businesses and industry actors across the value chain to align with the Vision’s goals and act together to build a resilient industry that is good for both society and planet.

Not sure where to start? Collective, connected action accomplishes more than any organisation can do alone and is why we convene the textile and apparel community in a pre-competitive, fibre-specific space. Contact us to participate in the ongoing MMCF Round Table work.

The future vision can be downloaded here

Learn More | Upcoming Webinars

 To learn more about the MMCF 2030 Vision, what the industry will do next and how you can use it to help achieve your goals, join a webinar on Monday, July 13 at one of the following timeslots. Each webinar will discuss the same content.

Monday 13 July: 10:00 BST / 14:30 IST / 17:00 Sing (Asia-friendly time)

Monday 13 July: 09:00 MDT / 16:00 BST / 20:00 IST / 23:00 Sing (US-friendly time)

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