Indian Navy Designed PPE Gets Nod For Mass Production

The PPE kits developed by the Indian Navy has obtained clearance certificate for mass production. The PPE kits designed and produced by the Indian Navy were tested by the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences based in Delhi, a DRDO organisation tasked with testing and certification of PPE.

Caption courtesy by Textile Excellence

They have now been certified to be mass produced and used in clinical Covid-19 situations. The PPE is required to meet stringent criteria on testing and the benchmarks of the same are set by the ICMR and the health ministry.

A team formed by the Innovation Cell, Institute of Naval Medicine, Mumbai and the Naval Dockyard, Mumbai collaborated to design and produce the PPE kits. “The PPE passed with 6/6 synthetic blood penetration resistance test pressure (GOI mandates minimum 3/6 and above level as per ISO 16603 standard). It is thus certified to be mass produced and used in clinical Covid 19 situations,” the force said in a statement. The force also said that the cost of this PPE is significantly lower than the commercially available ones.