Mexico nominates Mr Jesús Seade Kuri for post of WTO Director-General

Mexico, on June 8, 2020, nominated Mr Jesús Seade Kuri for the post of WTO Director-General to succeed the current Director-General, Mr Roberto Azevêdo, who has announced he will step down on August 31,  2020.

Here is his CV:

Jesus SEADE – CV             June 8, 2020

Jesús Seade Kuri

Unique experience in global trade negotiations and policy. Extensive interaction with senior authorities in all regions while at WTO, IMF, W.Bank and as anacademic. Strong business interfacing thereon. Effective negotiator and consensus builder. In particular:

►          WTO:

i.             Ambassador/GA TT and Chief Negotiator/Mexico in creation of

WTO. Co-author (with EU+ Canada) of proposal to create WTO (not just reinforce GATT).

Then elected as:

11.         Deputy Director-General ofGATI, in new management team (under Peter Sutherland) tasked with and successful in leading the then­ coUapsing negotiations to completion. Also chaired the additional negotiations demanded by LLDCs before accepting creation ofWTO on terms negotiated.


1u. founding Deputy Director-General of WTO, responsible for relations with authorities in capitals, business sectors and press, trade and finance (negotiated strong rights for WTO in formal agreement with IMF), research, publications and training.

►          NAFTA replacement:

1v.         Chief Negotiator of USMCA (US , Mexico, Canada Agreement) and

Under-Secretary for North-America, Mexico.

v.            Senior Advisor at IMF: Chief Officer responsible for IMF work +

policy design (for Board decision) on:

a.           three major financial crises in Turkey, Brazil and Argentina (inc lead coordinator of then-largest-ever IMF loan – a $29bn G7 syndicatio n for Brazil) and

b.           massive debt relief for 15 bigh-debt African countries (HIPC Initiative).

v1. Extensive involvement with official and policy forn in Hong Kong and China PRC during 12 years in university leadership, member of trade and financial HKG advisory bodies, and active paiticipant in business fora.

vu. Throughout bis career extensive WTO, WB and IMF involvement in Africa (reflecting interest and languages) and secondly LATAM and Middle East.

Mexican and Lebanese citizen . Long-term resident in Hong Kong SAR and China; USA; Switzerland; UK; and Mexico. Senior official in all three top international economic organisations: WTO, IMF and World Bank and in the Mexican government. Influential work on 50+ countries. Extensive work on/ in Africa (in its 3 main European languages ) as weil as Middle East, Europe, LATAM. At home in diverse cultures and all continents. Citizen ofthe world.

According to the timetable announced by the Chair of the General Council, David Walker, the nomination period will close on July 8, 2020.

Shortly after the nomination period has closed, candidates will be invited to meet with members at a special General Council meeting, present their views and take questions from the membership.