More privacy thanks to acoustic foams made from Covestro raw materials

“The driver decides on the route, the passenger on the music.” What sounds like a simple rule can lead to conflict even during a private car journey. So it is all the more important to design shared vehicles, for example those used by car-sharing providers, in a way that takes into account the passengers’ personal needs for music or for peace and quiet. To achieve this, Covestro has now developed a new concept for noise reduction [] in the interior. It is part of a new premium concept [] for the future design of car interiors.

Electric cars are quiet, but external noise penetrates the interior to a greater extent. Covestro has developed a material solution for a sound-absorbing dome so that occupants can still enjoy the necessary privacy.

The sound of the future will be different, but not quieter
Low-noise mobility was introduced with the electric drive. But the passenger in an electric car will not be able to drive acoustically shielded from his environment either: The quieter engine means that the noise of road traffic reaches his ears all the more loudly, and at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour or even lower the rolling noise of the tires is so loud that the noise level inside an electric vehicle is comparable to that of a car with a combustion engine. As a result, the need for noise reduction remains a central element in the design of a vehicle interior.

Peace and privacy in a small space
It is certain that people will continue to commute to work by car and families will go on holiday together in their cars. But the number of people who decide to share a vehicle and travel together for economic reasons will increase considerably. The desire for privacy will continue, and car manufacturers can react to this trend at an early stage with appropriate concepts, letting them stand out from the crowd.

In the PrivacyDome, an automatically retractable dome, the Baynat® polyurethane system from Covestro ensures effective sound absorption.

Covestro presented its idea of what such a concept could look like at the K 2019 plastics fair. The so-called PrivacyDome is an automatically retractable dome over the head of a passenger that protects him or her from noise and disturbing sounds. The Baynat® polyurethane system from Covestro was used in this dome, which has proven highly effective in sound-proofing car interiors. This means that the passenger enjoys peace and quiet independently of other passengers – exactly when he or she wants it. Integrating loudspeakers into the PrivacyDome even allows individual music selection – for a maximum relaxation experience on the trip. Of course, it doesn’t matter which route the driver takes and which music the passenger chooses.

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