DW relies on ISKO™ premium denim to forge its quality- driven path to excellence

The two brands have been working together to develop unique concepts for FW2019 and SS2020 collection, starting from premium ISKO™ denim. Each garment is sartorially and carefully thought out to result in a beautiful product that is respectful of people and the planet.

Excellence is in the detail and DW knows it well. The Italian brand built its entire history around this notion, focusing, through the years, on high quality ingredients and handmade craftmanship to develop its collections.

Enea Model

From fabrics to stitching to accessories, every small element is carefully envisioned and developed to create garments that stand out in the market and are safe for the planet and its people. With cutting-edge technologies and forefront treatments being part of the process, the partnership with ISKO, leading denim ingredient brand, came naturally – the next step forward in a journey toward distinction.

Being the first mill in the world to be awarded both Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel, the company provided the perfect, responsible solutions to better define DW’s vision. Combined with the brand’s tradition and expertise, the pioneering fabrics developed by ISKO enrich every denim piece with responsibility and premium quality, according to the mill’s Responsible Innovation™ approach. Based on creativity, competence and citizenship, this holistic strategy constantly defines new standards for the entire industry, allowing the brand to fully, and safely express its creativity. The result is the five pockets Milano model and the American pocket Enea pant, both available in different washes and colours.

Milano Model

DW FW2019 and SS2020 collections are already out, both available in Italian stores.

ISKO is part of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of the SANKO Group. As the premium denim ingredient brand behind people’s most favorite jeans, it has a strong global presence in 35 countries with 60 international locations.

By virtue of its Responsible Innovation™ approach, founded on creativity, competence and citizenship, ISKO works to make the world a better place bringing awareness to environmental as well as social aspects. As a result of its R-TWO™ program made with certified reused cotton and certified recycled polyester, the company’s denim offer is fully responsible.

DW Isko Milano Model

Committed to an approach of continuous improvement, ISKO relies on external stakeholder engagement, striving for third-party certifications and partnerships. This has led to many achievements, including: Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel, STeP by OEKO-TEX® certifications and Textile Exchange, ZDHC, SAC, and Sedex memberships.

The ISKO world is a full-power denim force from the ground up, it includes R&D, Creative Room, Iskoteca, ISKO Creative Room Services, Visionary Minds – all working to create a complete network of excellence, creativity and innovation.

The company’s advanced expertise on woven technologies has extended to the world of sportswear and performance. This has led to the development of two top ISKO™ innovations – Arquas™ and ISKO Vital™– which have changed the game by introducing the benefits of woven fabrics, i.e. durability and recovery power, into the activewear segment. As a result, they have become the go-to solutions to a wide spectrum of needs, from high-performance to lifestyle brands that cater also for sporswear.

ISKO is a trademark of SANKO TEKSTIL. To find out more visit www.iskodenim.com