OECD Global Forum on Environment: Towards cost-effective management systems for industrial and consumer chemicals

The Global Forum on Environment will discuss the challenges posed by chemicals and provide insights on effective and sustainable policies for the sound management of chemicals and waste. This event will bring together leading actors in the field of chemicals management such as regulators, policy makers, international governmental organisations, private industry organisations and companies, civil society, philanthropies and more.

In light of ongoing COVID-19 developments, the Forum will likely be held virtually. If conditions permit, the Forum will be held at the OECD in Paris.

Forum sessions include:

               Session 1Act now: Why improving the management of chemicals is crucial

This session will demonstrate the need to improve chemical safety in order to mitigate the health, environmental and economic impacts from chemical use. Speakers will share their vision on the future management of chemicals.

               Session 2 – Developing a cost-effective industrial chemicals management system

Discussions will focus on best practices in setting-up legal and institutional frameworks and in establishing and maintaining an inventory of chemicals. This session will explore the challenges of determining risk management measures and on the safe-by-design concept.

              Session 3 – Opportunities for future collaboration

This session will identify the issues of common interest between Members and Partners where OECD could help design solutions and support the implementation of the post-2020 UN Framework for the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste.

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