Viscose or rayon markets continue to weaken in Asia

Viscose staple fiber prices in April were mostly down in the Asian markets of China, India, and Pakistan. In China, VSF offers continued downtrend amid muted downstream demand as yarn mills postponed procurement due to weak sales in their sector. In China, 1.5D VSF prices down US cents 10 on the month.

Viscose filament yarn prices were soft in China and India during the month. In China, viscose filament yarn offers were down that month in line with weak VSF markets. Market sentiment was largely insipid in April. Downstream mills were operating at lower run rates due to low order intakes. In China, 120D bright VFY offers were down US cents 17 on the month. In India, 120D bright VFY declined US cents 10 from last month.

In dissolving pulp market, offers were range-bound in April with trading prices for hardwood pulp and softwood pulp at USD 640-650 a ton and USD 660-670 a ton respectively in China.