Trust Protocol selects CUC as third-party verifier

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol (Trust Protocol) has selected Control Union Certifications North America (CUC) to implement an independent, third-party verification program for the Trust Protocol system. CUC was chosen from six applicants following a thorough selection process.

Data about Trust Protocol cotton is proven via Field to Market, measured via the Field Calculator and will now be verified by CUC.

Control Union Certifications has certified more than 150 programmes worldwide, including working as a key partner in the early development and piloting phases of Field to Market’s Impact Claim Verification Protocol. CUC has also worked with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) on its third-party verification programs in multiple countries.

CUC auditors in the US have a long history of working with corn, soy and canola on standards focused on land conversion, irrigation systems, water management, integrated pest management, soil protection, crop rotation and conservation practices.

US cotton growers will complete a self-assessment of farming practices and share their field data through Field to Market’s Fieldprint Platform. The CUC will verify the Trust Protocol annual data that will highlight key sustainability metrics – land use, soil carbon, water management, soil loss, greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency.

“We’re excited to work with Control Union as our independent, third-party verification partner,” said Ken Burton, Executive Director of the Trust Protocol. “Control Union’s agriculture standards, experience and impeccable reputation will provide brands, retailers and consumers assurance that the cotton fibre sourced through the Trust Protocol is continually improving.

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol will launch in June 2020. Ahead of the June launch date, the Trust Protocol was recently added to Textile Exchange’s list of preferred fibres and materials.

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