As companies pivot to producing and testing personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, there are lots of questions. AATCC created a series of webinars to answer questions about AATCC test methods commonly used to evaluate PPE.

The first webinar on May 28 will address impact penetration testing. This test measures the amount of liquid that passes through a fabric under specified conditions. It is a key test for Level 1, 2, and 3 gowns and drapes in healthcare settings. This webinar will cover testing for PPE as well as other water-resistant applications. It will compare various versions of the test, including AATCC TM42, NWSP 80.3, and ISO 18695. The webinar includes full descriptions and demonstration of apparatus, materials, and testing procedure.

The second webinar on June 3 will focus on hydrostatic pressure testing.  This test is required for level 2 and 3 medical gowns and drapes. It is also commonly used for evaluating high-performance rainwear. Learn to properly perform and interpret this test for any application, including when and how to use a restraint. The webinar addresses all aspects of AATCC TM127 and TM208.

Each webinar in the series is offered at no cost to individual and corporate members of AATCC and at a 70% discount (USD 45) for nonmembers. Members must contact Kim Nicholson at least 24 hours in advance to receive a complimentary registration code.  

Join the live webinars to ask questions of AATCC staff or view the recordings at your convenience.

Online Registration can be had here