Pre-announcement for the EU tender “Blockchain solutions for international trade”

The Directorate General for TRADE of the European Commission plans to launch a tender “Blockchain solutions for international trade” under the List of Vendors procedure. Any economic operator can register on this list to show their interest for future procurements for the subjects indicated in the list of vendors.

The purpose of the future invitation to tender that will be sent out to any company registered on any of the-subsists of the list of vendors, is to award a contract to contractor who has experience in blockchain applications for international trade. More specifically, the contractor should be able to identify key priority areas where blockchain solutions could facilitate international trade and provide an assessment of the relevance and implementability thereof. Additionally, the contractor should exemplify how one of the identified blockchain for trade solutions operates in practice by developing a demonstration software.

Foreseen duration of the contract: 9 months

This Pre-announcement serves informative purposes only and does not constitute any rights towards or obligation by the contracting authority.