Nostalgic Fashion inspired by the 18th century

The fashion industry is committed to always present desirable designs, and it does so by displaying the latest collections during fashion shows all over the world. It is an endless cycle of showcasing clothes and accessories that will be in stores in a matter of months, which will be eventually adopted by a great percentage of consumers. Thus, it implies that fashion workers – specially trend forecasters – are always looking at the future and trying to find what the rest of us will want to wear next season. However, there are times that in order to figure out what customers will want, one must look to the past.

18th century inspired silhouettes

If we take a look at the past fashion week season, it is impossible not to notice the amount of details that date back to centuries ago. Silhouettes inspired by 18th-century, pompous dresses and skirts, unexpected volumes, corsets, sumptuous ball gowns and Victorian-inspired sleeves were some of the elements that reinforced the historical aurea designers wanted to flaunt.

Following a successful exhibition in Paris about the life and death of Marie Antoinette it is quite common to see some designers getting their inspiration from it, after all she was the biggest fashion icon from the 18th century. Besides, alongside Marie Antoinette comes a period of history which is the embodiment of luxury, excesses and creativity – think about the balls thrown by kings, the embellished costumes and the development of cuisine, for instance. It constitutes an endless source of inspiration to enter a new decade as seen in fashion shows like Gucci and Rodarte, for instance.

Another way to interpret it is by the pure need of a nostalgic feeling in time of crises. There is a need to look back at a moment of pure joy and unlimited extravagance in order to cope with the reality of reducing economical expenses. More than ever, creative minds seem to be having a break from minimalism and, even though it might last just for a season, it will certainly help professionals to recreate the future of fashion.