An active Egyptian Setcore Group presents its textile activities

Founded in 1972, Setcore Group has roots that date back to the 19th Century. Originally established as a leather tannery in Alexandria, the company was of one Egypt’s first modern industrial concerns. The business survived both World Wars, the Great Depression and continued to flourish until it was nationalized in 1962 by the Egyptian government. Said El Tawil was the General Manager of the company at that time

In 1972, under the open door policies of the late Egyptian President, Anwar El Sadat, Said El Tawil founded Setcore in Cairo. The company started out as a commodities trading business dealing in sugar, grains and edible oils. During the 1970’s and 80’s the company diversified into ice cream manufacturing, beverages, building materials, heavy equipment and oilfield services.

In 1995, the Egyptian government liberalized the cotton trade and Setcore quickly became one of the largest exporters of Egyptian cotton. That same year, the ice cream business was sold to the Swiss food giant Nestle. What followed was a period of restructuring which led to the disposal or closure of non-core businesses and a decision to focus on textiles and oilfield services.

In 2003, Setcore established one of the first privately owned spinning mills which has since emerged as the leading Egyptian producer and exporter of fine count cotton yarns.

Today, Setcore is a privately held company active in textiles and oilfield services. In all that it does, Setcore Group remains guided by the vision of its founder and honorary chairman, Said El Tawil. His values – hard work, determination and integrity form the foundation on which Setcore Group stands.

Setcore’s wholly owned subsidiary, Nassco Trading S.A.E., has become one of the largest suppliers of Egyptian cotton to world markets since its inception in 1995.

With its own seed-cotton procurement, cotton ginning and pressing operations, professional marketing and back-office personnel.

Nassco is able to meet the requirements of the most quality-conscious and sophisticated spinning mills in the world.

Nassco has an extensive infrastructure within Egypt, with branches all across the Delta and the Upper Egypt.

In export markets, Nassco has a well-established network of agents in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Nassco has also established direct strategic relationships with a number of international spinning mills and cotton merchandisers.

Setcore’s spinning sector

Following Setcore’s successful experience in the Egyptian cotton trade, Setcore entered the yarn manufacturing business in 2003 with the establishment of Setcore Spinning S.A.E. The idea behind Setcore Spinning is simple: to use high quality Egyptian cotton to produce fine count cotton yarns.

Located in the Borg El Arab industrial zone near Alexandria, Setcore Spinning is a state-of-the-art spinning mill built using exclusively new machinery and the very latest in spinning technology.

The mill uses machinery from blow room to ring spinning supplied by Swiss based Rieter, the global leader in textile systems. This includes 40896 spindles of K 44 compact ring frames and a three stage contamination clearing system including yarn clearers with polypropylene contamination detection.

Setcore Spinning produces single, double, compact, twisted and gassed yarn on hard cones as well as dye cones for knitting and weaving with a count range of Ne 20 to Ne 200 in both single and plyed yarns.

The company currently exports to 25 countries and is totally committed to meeting customer needs and providing outstanding customer service. Setcore is currently undergoing an expansion that will be completed in January of 2007. This expansion more than doubled the existing capacity to reach 55296 spindles and allow us to produce 5800 tons of yarn per annum.

Textile City is a textile cluster in the Borg El Arab Industrial Zone near Alexandria, Egypt

The global textiles industry is currently going through a period of change due to the rapid pace of globalization. One of these changes is the migration of the industry from the Northern Hemisphere where production costs are high to the Southern Hemisphere where costs are more competitive.

The cluster covers an area of 1.2 million square meters and is located in the extension of the 4th Industrial Zone in Borg El Arab. As the first textile investor in Textile City, Setcore is working closely with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry to attract our main European and Asian customers to invest in the cluster.

To date, several key European and Asian textile producers have committed to invest in Textile City.

The main objective of Textile City is to become a world class export hub for textile manufacturers covering a large portion of the textile supply chain starting with raw cotton followed by spinning, weaving, dying, finishing and finally ready made garments.