CEO just did a Shirtless Photoshoot to help save 12 Jobs

Models unavailable because of quarantine, so Emblem Athletic founder steps in to help launch product and share a message about fun.

A custom team apparel company, Emblem Athletic, launched a new service to make it easy for small businesses to order customizable face masks – but did so with a special guest product model: their CEO. The new service, named Emblem Shield, launched quickly but without initial product photography because their usual models were unavailable due to quarantine restrictions currently in Ohio. The Founder & CEO of the company, Mike Nemeth, stepped in – and saw an opportunity to share a message about having fun during the Coronavirus crisis.

Mike Nemeth, CEO of Emblem Athletic in photo shooting activity

“Having fun is one of our core values,” said Nemeth while posing shirtless in a branded face mask. “But it’s not fun worrying about keeping everyone employed. Despite the serious situation, we still wanted to have fun launching Emblem Shield. It seems like too many companies are afraid of making their customers smile with humour. Especially now when we all need to smile the most – even if you can’t see it beneath a mask.”

Despite a lack of professional model training, Nemeth excelled at his attempt to stand in as a product model for Emblem Shield. “While Mike wouldn’t normally be my first choice for a male model, he more than overcompensated with his willingness to fully commit to every cliché look and pose we could imagine,” said Shannon Williams, photographer from 10 Speed Studios.

After releasing the photoshoot and statement, Emblem Shield has seen a significant spike in demand. Customers include over 400 different small businesses, churches, law enforcement agencies, and professional sports teams across the country. Thanks to recent sales of Emblem Shield, the team has been able to keep all 12 team members employed throughout the current crisis.

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Emblem Athletic is a custom team apparel business based in Columbus, OH. They were named by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association as one of the top 5 most promising sports start-ups of the year. Through automated design tools and free online stores, they help make it easy for teams, particularly military, police and fire departments, to look great in completely custom athletic apparel.