A sort of a mini-guide to Shanghaitex

As it is a sort of habit, TextileFuture is giving you a sort of a mini-guide to Shanghaitex, please have a look also at TextileFuture’s Event Calendar for more information on the show.

Spinning Industry Players Party at ShanghaiTex 2017 

China is the world’s largest country for textile producers, consumers and exporters with the most complete range of textile industry chain; it has the obvious advantage and solid foundation towards the global market. With the development of science technology and the arrival of Internet plus era, the future of textile industry will open to a new pattern.

ShanghaiTex 2017 (27-30 November 2017 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre) will cover 5 thematic zones including Spinning & Techtextile Machinery, Weaving Machinery, Knitting & Hosiery Machinery, Printing/Dyeing/Finishing/Digital Printing Machinery, and Spare Parts & Accessories. The Spinning & Techtextile Machinery Zone, covering Hall E1 and E2, will gather industry elites to showcase their latest technologies. Let’s have a quick glance at the exhibitors and technology to be showcased at the show floor.

Concurrent Event: Marks & Spencer – Plan a 2025 Business Forum

Through our Apparel Brands & OEM Matching Session, you may get chances to meet sourcing team of Marks & Spencer and get the key to partnership with them*. This event is a brand new session at ShanghaiTex 2017, providing a valuable platform for OEM and brands to explore new business partners and share the latest industry information.

In 2017, Marks & Spencer has collaborated with ShanghaiTex 2017 to conduct a trendsetting forum Marks & Spencer – Plan A 2025 on November 28, 2017, 1:30-3:00p.m. on-site at Hall E1 Smart Factory Conference Zone. The forum is for free admission and participants could stay tuned with the latest development of Plan A and discuss the latest green solutions with other top-notch industry players. Registration is compulsory and can be done online (including special programme) here


Groz-Beckert at ShanghaiTex 2017 – Ideas for Your success

The 18th Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition, or ShanghaiTex for short, presents world debuts in textile technologies, the most profit-rich areas of application, and cross-technology solutions. The exhibition, with over 1200 registered exhibitors, is thus an important building block on the path to Industry 4.0.

Our range of knitting, weaving and carding products awaits visitors this year at the Groz-Beckert booth (Hall W1, Booth A40). What’s more, the focus is on the unique service plans of Groz-Beckert. We meet challenges with new ideas and system solutions for your success.


James Heal launch 10kN Universal Strength Tester

The UK based global manufacturer of premium quality textile testing instruments and consumables, James Heal, is launching its new innovation the Titan10 Universal Strength Tester at the ShanghaiTex Exhibition

Titan 10

Titan10 offers laboratories faster, smarter testing with accurate, reliable and reproducible results. A 10kN capacity for testing means that, along with apparel and non-woven products, users will be able to test much stronger goods such as straps, belts, cords, shoe components, luggage, technical textiles and industrial type materials.

The dual column, crosshead design allows for testing of larger samples across a full range of tests including tension, compression, stretch and recovery, tear, peel, adhesion peels and more. A hand-held controller, automated test set up and a wide range of interchangeable tools make Titan10 an ideal choice for busy laboratories.

Both Titan10 and Titan5, the 5kN tester from the Titan range, work in partnership with TestWise software. This is a clean, simple user interface with a bank of 500 pre-loaded standards including ASTM, ISO, JIS, M&S, Next and many more.

“With TestWise 2017, our Textile Technologists and Software Engineers have listened to customer feedback, and worked in collaboration to improve and develop our software to meet the needs of our customers worldwide”, said Peter Goodwin, James Heal’s Head of Technical and Titan Product Manager. “Our goal is to help our customers increase their laboratory’s overall operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and most importantly, increase your own customers’ satisfaction.

Choosing Titan10 gives customers free TechSmart support for the first year, guaranteeing direct access to James Heal’s applications and technical support experts and free annual support upgrades, This is peace of mind that James Heal’s expertise and support is just a few clicks away – wherever you are in the world.

This diverse range of applications and innovative features will be demonstrated on Stand W5H10 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, from 27th to 30th November 2017.

Visitors to the ShanghaiTex exhibition are invited to the James Heal stand to see for themselves this exciting development in strength testing which will be exhibited alongside a range of other instruments. They will be welcomed by James Heal’s International Sales Managers and Textile Technologists, as well as local Sales Partner Introtech Ltd.



Mayer & Cie. showcases Relanit 3.2 SC at Shanghaitex

Trade fair marks sales launch of new model in the Chinese market

Mayer & Cie. (MCT) is exhibiting at the Shanghaitex trade fair from 27 to 30 November 2017 in Pudong. The German circular knitting machine manufacturer will be showcasing a new Relanit model, the Relanit 3.2 SC. China’s industry event will host the sales launch of this Relanit range machine that was specially developed for the Chinese market. Its final assembly takes place in China with a knitting head from the company’s main factory in Germany. The company’s Shanghaitex booth will also include an info stand about spinitsystems, Mayer & Cie.’s new spinning and knitting technology.


“The Relanit is one of the best known and most popular Mayer & Cie. machine ranges,” says Wolfgang Müller, Sales Director at Mayer & Cie. “With the Relanit 3.2 SC, which we are presenting to our local customers in Pudong, we have now aligned our successful model to the special needs of the Chinese market.”

“Made in Germany” at heart

The Relanit 3.2 SC is finally assembled at Mayer & Cie.’s works in Shanghai. It incorporates locally made components while the knitting head is manufactured as a matter of principle at Mayer & Cie.’s main factory in Germany. The quality of the knitting head largely determines the quality of the fabric that will be knitted on the machine. At the same time, local final assembly increases the flexibility and speed at which local orders can be handled. “In this way we can offer selected machine types in the price-sensitive Chinese market at a competitive price – machines like the new Relanit 3.2 SC,” says Sales Director Müller, explaining the approach that Mayer & Cie. describes as the knitting head principle. It is a principle that the company has used for a number of years with its MSC 3.2 II and MDC 2.2 models. Both the Single Jersey and the Double Jersey machine are very popular with Chinese customers.

Relanit 3.2 SC is the newest member of the family

Technology and design of the Relanit 3.2 SC are based on the Relanit 3.2 S, as shown in the picture

In its technology and design the Relanit 3.2 SC, which will now go on sale in China at Shanghaitex, resembles the Relanit 3.2 S. So it offers all of the well-known benefits of the Relanit range. They include high productivity and process reliability. Even when processing difficult or thicker yarn qualities the Relanit 3.2 SC delivers a constantly high knitwear quality with no loss of productivity. With a 30-inch diameter, the Relanit 3.2 SC reaches speeds of up to 40 rpm. It also puts points on the scoreboard by using significantly less energy than conventional machines.

The Relanit 3.2 SC is suitable for a wide range of uses. The Relanit’s traditional speciality is processing cotton, such as for sports and leisure outerwear or for nightwear and underwear. It is equally well suited, however, for the manufacture of fabrics for the automotive industry or for home textiles.

The technological success story

With its wide range of benefits, the Relanit is popular with customers, especially in countries that process large quantities of cotton. Since its market launch 30 years ago Mayer & Cie. has sold more than 10,000 Relanit machines. Every year, a good 300 new Relanit machines delivered to customers make this number grow further.

The first Relanit machines were presented at the 1987 ITMA in Paris. They made – and still make – use of Mayer & Cie.’s then patented relative technology. With this technology, the sinker moves towards the needle, relatively speaking. This means fewer deflection points the yarn has to travel to form a stitch. Each deflection means less stress on the yarn. That is why Relanit can process difficult yarn or inferior qualities without a hitch. Not only to form a fabric of a certain quality but also without making amends in terms of production speed or machine downtimes. Both would be the case if inferior quality yarn were to be processed on a conventional machine. Because yarn is the key cost factor in knitting, Relanit can help the knitter to save a lot of money – and that means to make a profit.

“What our Chinese customers will get with the Relanit 3.2 SC is a machine that is well thought out and tried and tested thousands of times,” Sales Director Müller says. “They are buying a successful model at a very attractive price.”

spinitsystems on show

An info stand about spinitsystems, the new Mayer & Cie. spinning and knitting technology, will be part of the Mayer & Cie. presentation at Shanghaitex

The Mayer & Cie. trade fair booth at Shanghaitex also includes an info stand about the spinitsystems spinning and knitting technology. The company shows how its Spinit 3.0 E, a machine that also uses relative technology. It ensures that the roving, a fragile bundle of fibre, can be knitted at all. So relative technology is a central feature of the Spinit 3.0 E, a model that combines spinning, cleaning and knitting in one machine.

Mayer & Cie. (MCT) is a leading international manufacturer of circular knitting machines. The company manufactures the entire range of machines required for making modern textiles. Fabrics for home textiles, sportswear, nightwear and swimwear, seat covers, underwear and technical uses are made on MCT knitting machines.

Founded in 1905, Mayer & Cie. generated sales of EUR 105 million in 2016 with about 500 employees worldwide, according to preliminary figures. In addition to its headquarters in Albstadt, Germany, where around 370 people work, and subsidiaries in China and the Czech Republic, Mayer & Cie. is represented by sales partners in around 80 countries.




Eco friendly denim finishing from Monforts at ShanghaiTex

Monforts will be placing special emphasis on its latest Denim finishing technologies at ShanghaiTex in Hall W5, Booth A11; including the innovative ThermoStretch skewing unit avoiding the expensive need for steam-operated cylinder dryers.

The new ThermoStretch skewing unit from Monforts offers new and improved features for Eco friendly denim finishing avoiding the excessive use of ‘expensive to generate’ steam that was previously necessary for the cylinder dryers; thereby replacing the need for steam-operated cylinder dryers.

It also provides a much gentler treatment of the denim fabric during stretching than was previously achievable together with an optimised fabric hand.

The ThermoStretch unit also continues to be available as a ‘long stretch’ unit but without heating properties for the fabric.

Monforts has in depth ‘knowhow’ in high speed processing ranges for denim finishing with the ‘double rubber’ twin compressive shrinking unit working in tandem for working speeds even above 80 metres / minute.

The larger fabric content of the ThermoStretch unit in combination with the ‘double rubber’ twin compressive shrinking unit ensures minimum residual shrinkage values and highest production speeds which could not be achieved before.

In the denim industry, this concept is making a significant contribution to higher productivity and lower energy consumption and the company has references in Vietnam and Mexico.

Denim technologists will be at the exhibition to offer detailed advice to visitors on the latest denim finishing processes.

Monforts will also highlight its texCoat coating processes and finishing of technical textiles, especially airbag materials at the show.

Monforts is the only manufacturer that can offer completely integrated coating lines from a single source with the coating machine tailored to the subsequent Monforts drying technology.

The Monforts system has the shortest fabric path from the coating unit into the stenter and offers all variations of coating application systems, such as knife over air, knife over roller, magnetic knife or printing head.

All of these options are also available in wider widths, with the engineering from a single source.

Special equipment for heat recovery and innovative exhaust air cleaning will also be on display.



Mouvent makes debut at ShanghaiTex

Mouvent – a new company focused on digital print using pioneering digital technology – is making its textile exhibition debut at ShanghaiTex. This will be the company’s first public appearance in China and its first global trade show demonstrating the TX801 – an 8-color multi-pass digital textile printer producing the highest print quality on textiles with up to 2,000 DPI optical resolution, associated with high printing speeds.

There will be four live demonstrations each day of the TX801 at the Mouvent booth, at the following times: 10h30, 11h30, 14h00 and 16h00. The Mouvent Team welcomes you to visit booth G01 in Hall W5 during ShanghaiTex 2017 to witness a true leap forward in digital printing for the textile industry.

“We are very excited, thankful and honoured to be in China showcasing our game-changing digital textile printing solutions,” said Simon Rothen, CEO of Mouvent. “We believe our innovations directly meet the current market demand for highly reliable industrial digital printing on different substrates at a competitive cost. We are confident the TX801 will make a lasting impression on attendees at ShanghaiTex.”

Mouvent’ s 8-color multi-pass digital textile printer TX801

The TX801 prints with up to 8 colours and, even though it is a scanning type machine, up to 50% of the print jobs can be completed in a single pass, boosting productivity up to 200 sqm/h without compromising on quality. In order to reach those levels of productivity, the TX801 utilizes an ingenious, very compact proprietary print engine development based on the MouventTM Cluster Technology, integrating Fujifilm’s Samba print heads. This is associated with speed, precision and scalability, deploying up to 16 g/sqm of ink in a single pass. And thanks to the MouventTM Cluster Technology, the TX801 prints with an optical resolution of up to 2,000 dpi, resulting in the very highest print quality of the finished product. The machine can process knitted, woven and non-woven textiles with a maximum fabric width of 1,820 mm with roll diameters of up to 400 mm.

“China is, and always will be, at the absolute centre of the global textile industry,” said Ghislain Segard, Marketing & Sales Manager, Textile Machines at Mouvent. “To be able to demonstrate our innovative technology here is a huge honour for us and we are very enthusiastic about this opportunity.”

As well as enabling crisp, colourful, very high printing quality in a cost-effective way for short to medium print runs on a wide range of textile materials, the TX801 is a very durable, compact and accessible printer.

“The TX801 also has a very competitive price performance ratio compared with basic digital printers, but with unrivaled print quality,” said Paul Yuen, Digital Textile Solution Ltd., Mouvent’s cooperative partner for China. “We believe it will change the face of digital textile printing, and it is a privilege for me to be able to carry Mouvent and this technology in such an important market as China. Building up a strong and reliable Mouvent support team serving customers in China is an important mission to which we are more than 100% committed.”



Saurer and its philosophy of innovation and sustainability at ShanghaiTex

Saurer Group will proudly present its full range of new technologies in fiber processing from raw material to a multitude of yarns during the upcoming Shanghaitex 2017. The product range further includes different finishing processes. Shanghaitex will take place from the 27th until 30th of November in the premises of the Shanghai New International Expo Center / Pudong. For Saurer it will be yet another opportunity to present the group as the partner of choice along the textile value chain with its full product range

Saurer Group’s E³ (triple added value) – philosophy of innovation and sustainability was developed with a clear customer focus. Highest productivity, maximum raw material utilisation and excellent yarn characteristics are key success factors for today’s textile producers. All these properties are reflected in our products.

Saurer is present with its machinery brands; Schlafhorst, Zinser, Allma, Volkmann, Saurer Embroidery and Components brands; Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Temco, Texparts in Hall E1, booth F01.

Saurer Schlafhorst and Zinser

Ring spinning machines from Zinser a new level of efficiency in the commodity segment.

At a length of 2,016 spindles, the Zinser 72 ring spinning machine breaks the 2,000 barrier and sets new standards for efficiency in the commodity segment.

The new both-end TwinSuction system, combined with the sensor-controlled OptiSuction yarn break suction system, achieves an energy saving during suction.

The ZinserImpact 72 compact spinning machine is equipped with the self-cleaning Impact FX unit and guarantees top productivity and optimal raw material utilisation.

Zinser ring spinning machines offer maximised production, consistent yarn quality, a range of different automation options and excellent profitability thanks to their proven and highly regarded cutting-edge technology.

Rotor Spinning at Schlafhorst – Sustainable and future-oriented

The fully automatic Autocoro 9 using individual spinning positions technology sets new standards for productivity, efficiency and quality. The unmatched rotor speeds, machine lengths and take-up speeds reduce the spinning cost and energy consumption considerably by a two-digit percentage value.

Intelligent automated processes and Lean Maintenance reduce the maintenance costs. This increases the user-friendliness and saves on personnel costs. Nevertheless, the Autocoro 9 achieved constant high performance with any raw materials and under all operating conditions. Flexibility and automation turn the Autocoro 9 into the production platform of the future.

The new semi-automatic BD 7 machine is also in a league of its own, producing impressive packages in Autocoro quality in all package sizes up to 320mm in diameter. The BD 7 reduces spinning costs and increases profitability by optimized, reduced energy consumption, rapid take-up speeds on all lengths and an improved space utilisation.

Winding machines from Schlafhorst – Benchmark for winding efficiency

2.5 million delivered Autoconer winding units – this unparalleled record in the sector sends a clear message: the Autoconer is the synonym for efficient package winding for more than 50 years. The Autoconer 6 with E³ sets now again standards regarding energy, economics and ergonomics. Addi- tionally with its quality packages and leading automation solutions the Autoconer offers measurable benefits both during winding and in downstream processing. Innovations such as LaunchControl, SmartCycle, SmartJet or Eco-Drum-Drive system as well as intelligent sensor technology, smart pro- cess control and autocalibration functions have proven their worth in textile practice.

SUN – Service Unlimited

With the innovative SUN – SERVICE UNLIMITED service concept, Schlafhorst and Zinser offer their customers support in their day-to-day operations that is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Over 500 service staff in 20 service stations and 3 technology centres advise customers all over the world with regard to productivity and quality increases as well as energy savings. Intelligent life cycle management means that our service experts support customers proactively with preventive maintenance. Clever updates and upgrades provide solutions for integrating new technical features into existing machinery. The e-commerce platform SECOS 2.0 guarantees minimum response times in the delivery of original spare parts. And in SUN-PLAN Schlafhorst has developed a service concept that is unique within the textile industry: Individual service at a fixed price

Saurer Allma Volkmann

Allma Volkmann – Setting new benchmarks with Saurer E³ technology.

Allma and Volkmann are the world’s leading manufacturers of twisting and cabling machines and will be presenting the CompactTwister – High-performance Two-for-One twisting machine for staple fibre yarns, and the CableCorder CC4 – Direct cabling machine for high quality tire cord. Both products are characterized by low energy consumption, high economic efficiency and machine productivity as well as high operating convenience and have been certified with the Saurer E³ label for their triple added value. Visitors will be also informed about innovative products and solutions in the companies’ other segments: carpet yarns, industrial yarns and glass filament yarns.

Saurer Embroidery

Saurer Embroidery – The shuttle embroidery benchmark.

Saurer Embroidery presents the latest innovative embroidery system Epoca 7, which impresses with its increase in productivity and its embroidery speed of up to 700 RPM. The setting options of the ‘pro’ version are unique and encompass new technologies on the needle side such as an individually con- trolled thread guide and thread delivery. Thus, embroidery technology has been reinvented and fulfils future market demands. The new thread monitors and the new thread-cut guarantee trouble-free pro- duction of high quality embroidery.

The Epoca 7 has been awarded the E³ label for triple added value:

  • Maximum productivity and speed
  • Premium embroidery quality and technology
  • Complete reliability

The Saurer Group is a leading textile industry group mainly specialising in machinery and components for yarn processing. Saurer unites the spinning brands Schlafhorst and Zinser, the twisting brands of Allma and Volkmann, pre-spinning brand Jintan and the Saurer Embroidery brand along with the components brands Accotex, Daytex, Fibrevision, Temco and Texparts.

With annual sales around 1.0 billion EUR, 4,000 employees worldwide and locations in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, USA, China, India and Singapore, the group is well positioned to serve the world’s textile industry centres.



Italian Savio’s presence at upcoming Shanghaitex

Since 1911, Savio is specialized in the yarn-finishing segment, being the leading supplier of winding, twisting and rotor spinning machines, with manufacturing plants spanning over Italy, China, India and Czech Republic.

As a manufacturer of textile machinery, Savio offers winding systems that are ideal for many different needs, supporting customers in the textile challenge of developing new applications to meet their requests.

Savio will exhibit in Shanghai the Polar Evolution winding machine: a high performance, energy saving and less labor-intensive product for the Chinese customers.

Polar winding machines have been recently developed to the Evolution series, gathering all the innovative solutions in terms of technology, efficiency, quality output and maintenance. A further step for Polar family to catch the world of I.T. connectivity and the new fibers applications.

The machine on display will be a freestanding fully automated one, provided with new features to process bobbins produced by ring frames not equipped with automatic doffing device. “Premium” winder is a solution for processing yarn bobbins whose formation is not originally “favorable” to reach efficiency, for example bobbins with tangles, entanglements and misplaced yarns tail. The newly designed hopper “Pace Sorter Feeder” will optimize the bobbing feeding for a fast and smooth bobbin flow.

In addition, special solutions have been engineered for automatic devices (bobbin preparation, transport, etc.) present in the fully automatic winder models to control and process springy elastic yarns. A special “Lycra kit” is available for yarn end finder station of fully automatic winding machines, in order to grant the highest efficiency for the bobbin preparation in presence of single or dual core yarns.

New Evo drums for improving package-unwinding performance

In downstream processing, the unwinding behavior of the package and the take-up speed facilitate process to be more efficient and geared to benefit.

Savio has now a full range of grooved drums to cover all yarn types, counts and downstream processes. The EVO drums offer new capabilities to optimize both the unwinding speed of the packages and the package yarn content, through variable number of turns with different winding angles. The package shape is optimized in order to obtain advantages for a better unwinding ratio in the downstream process, for homogeneous package density and for lower rewinding breaks.

Upgraded Splicing Solutions

The Polar Evolution winding unit is equipped with splicing and tension control devices for ensuring perfect joints and perfect package shape. Air and Moistair® splicers boasts a Duo Air Feeding system, for yarn tail preparation and splicing. This splitting allows the individual setting of the most appropriate value of air pressure, and makes these splicers able to easily process any different fibers and blends combination.

Savio Winder 4.0 – Smart Industry Solutions for Textile Mills

Once composed solely by mechanical and electrical parts, now winding machines have become complex systems that combine hardware, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, software and connectivity.

The smart bracelet is clearly visible

These smart machineries can increase the efficiency of the spinning mill and perform predictive maintenance avoiding breakdowns and downtimes. Savio winding machines can be equipped upon request of Smart Industry Solutions for connectivity, data management, remote machine set up and operator real-time interactivity. Savio Winder 4.0 represents an important step towards a wide digitalization process, being a solution for intelligent networking of machines in the spinning/winding room. This data management system is a very modern and important management tool, relieving mill management staff of time-consuming routine work. The mill manager can have the winding room live monitoring directly from his/her desk. Thanks to data analytics, a wealth of data are available, allowing to manage the different production phases in the best possible way and to monitor all significant parameters anytime and anywhere, making use of mobile devices. All these features enable Savio customers to control overall equipment effectiveness, increase workforce efficiency, and maximize quality and working time.

Founded in Pordenone, North East of Italy, in 1911 by entrepreneur Marcello Savio as a workshop for the production of textile components for the local industry, Savio is today the leader in the yarn finishing machine sector. It operates worldwide in the manufacturing and marketing of automatic winders, heat- setting winders, two-for-one twisters, and rotor spinning frames with factories in Italy, Czech Republic, China and India. A continuous evolution, that set its roots one century ago, with the talent and skills of Marcello Savio, evolved then through the years by taking as points of reference Research & Development, highest manufacturing flexibility and high quality standards.


Your way to elasticity – SSM’s latest application

Swiss SSM will show their newest textile machines at ShanghaiTex for the first time. The exhibition is held in Shanghai from November 27 to 30, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. SSM welcomes the interested crowd at booth E1 A70 and E1 D30

The Swiss based SSM Schärer Schweiter Mettler AG, the inventor of the electronic yarn traverse system, announces their participation of the forthcoming ShanghaiTex on the booth of their agent Union Trading as well as on the booth of Rieter Components.

After the successful introduction of the XENO-platform in Asia in 2016, SSM has put the focus on the X-Series this year. With the latest application for cone-to-muff and muff-to-cone winding, SSM offers a highly flexible and economical system.

To maintain a high residual elasticity of elastic Polyamide (PA) and Polyester (PES) draw textured yarns (DTY) after dyeing, the muff dyeing process with integrated SSM leading yarn winding technology is the best solution. The new SSM PWX-CTM enables the preparation of low-density muffs, while maintaining the highest possible elasticity of the yarn throughout the dyeing process. For the highest flexible and productive rewinding, the SSM PWX-MTC offers the proper solution; regardless whether muffs, hanks, dye packages on dye tubes or coreless dye packages are to be rewound.

Besides the displayed applications, SSM provides a wide range of renowned textile machines. A detailed overview about SSM machinery and supported applications of the textile process chain can be found under Winding Solutions at the link below.