The Jeans Factory – Yousstex International

Meet Mud’s jeans manufacturer Yousstex International

At Yousstex International the fabric of Mud’s jeans is cut, sewn, washed and branded. Thanks to their innovative production techniques we are able to produce the most sustainable jeans on this planet.

The factory is located in Touza, a rural area of Tunisia. With its 550 employees, quite small for a garment manufacturer, Yousstex International radiates a family vibe when entering. Smiling faces and a relaxed atmosphere is what welcomes visitors.

What’s special about Yousstex

With 400 women working at the factory, Yousstex International is a place of female empowerment. This is also reflected in Yousstex’s union representatives, which are 50% women. Our colleagues at Yousstex International get three weeks paid leave and the owner Mr. Habib is a licensed pharmacist so all employees enjoy complimentary medicine if needed. Also, transportation to and from the factory is arranged for all employees for free.

To us work relations are just like family relations this is how we do it with our employees and also with our customers.

The Process

Yousstex stitches and washes our jeans. The fabrics which we selected for our jeans are shipped from Spain to Tunisia. The fabrics are cut into pattern parts and from there the craftsmanship begins. The highly experienced women stitch the panels together with greatest precision. After this the pants are moved to the laundry department where they undergo treatments mainly by laser and ozone. The final stage is checking if all the quality standards are met in terms of measurement, appearance and strength after which the goods are labelled, packed and shipped. Believe us, this sounds easier than it is, see for yourself.

The owner Mr. Habib

Mr. Habib Mansour is originally from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. He started his career in denim in the capital of fashion at the time – Paris. After some years in fashion Mr. Habib decided to start his own factory. In 2014 he invested in a state of the art laundry as an addition to the sewing lines at Yousstex International. Mr. Habib believes in revolutionising the fashion industry with the noble jeans, produced at the factory.

‘Our objective is to take brands with us on this sustainable journey and make noble products; a jeans that is 100 % sustainable’

Production Tour

In 2018 Team MUD went on a trip behind the seam to meet the people that make our jeans. Have a glimpse inside the factory or hear the stories of some of our colleagues from the factory.