Syngenta and Novozymes launch unique biofungicide in Europe and Latin America

  • Approvals enable partners to commercialize TAEGRO®, addressing critical grower needs in specialty and vegetable crops.

Syngenta, a leading agricultural company, and Novozymes, the world leader in biological solutions, today announced that they are entering the commercialization phase of TAEGRO®. The two companies originally joined forces in 2012 to develop and market the product, and have now received the first wave of product approvals in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, and United Kingdom. Several other approvals are expected across the EU and Latin America during the next 12 months, which will enable multiple product launches in 2020.

“We’re delighted to see our collaboration with Novozymes entering the commercialization phase and excited about our launch plans. Over the last seven years, our journey together deepened our understanding of biologicals, and we are pleased to place a new tool in the hands of farmers” comments Jean-Philippe Albert, Global Head of Disease Control at Syngenta.

“This collaboration matches Syngenta’s global market strength in biocontrol and dedication to bring novel technologies to market with Novozymes’ deep knowledge of sustainable, biological solutions,” says Thomas Batchelor, Novozymes’ Vice President of BioAg Commercial. “As the developer and producer of TAEGRO®, we are really excited to see another microbial technology become available to farmers to help them sustainably combat crop diseases and avoid significant yield losses”.

Alleviating critical grower pain points and addressing the sustainability challenge

TAEGRO® is a microbial foliar fungicide with broad spectrum potential. When fruit and vegetable growers use TAEGRO® in the recommended crop management programs it protects against diseases such as powdery mildew and botrytis. Due to its microbial origin, low application rates, and short re-entry and pre-harvest intervals, TAEGRO® is a powerful tool that helps ensure compliance with food chain requirements and maximize marketable yields. The efforts behind the development and commercialization of TAEGRO® demonstrate both companies’ commitment to sustainability.

TAEGRO® is a registered trademark of Novozymes A/S.

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