SANITIZED AG aids measures to promote hygiene management during the coronavirus pandemic

Tests conducted by independent laboratories have now confirmed that a treatment with Sanitized® T 99-19 and Sanitized® T 11-15 reduces the viral load on PES textiles by up to 99 %.

Swiss company SANITIZED AG celebrates validation from impartial labs that Sanitized®T 99-19 and Sanitized®T 11-15 are also effective against viruses (in accordance with ISO 18184:2019). Tests were performed using a feline coronavirus with structures and mechanisms reminiscent of SARS-Cov2.

Patented technology featuring an ammonium silicate compound is employed in Sanitized®T 99-19 and Sanitized®T 11-15 utilizes tried and tested silver technology.

These additives are the perfect tool for an antiviral and antibacterial treatment of face masks, protective professional medical clothing, bed linens, or mattresses. The formulation of both products remains completely untouched, thus ensuring that it will continue to offer outstanding protection against bacteria.

Before a final product’s antiviral properties can be publicly promoted, viral tests must be performed in specialized laboratories. Compliance with local legal regulations is essential here. SANITIZED AG explicitly points out that this is standard procedure and has composed a preliminary Guide for Treating PPE (personal protective equipment) with biocide products.

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SANITIZED AG has been supporting the work of hygienists in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing and care facilities for many years with its antimicrobial – and now also antiviral – additives used to enhance the functionality of textiles and polymers. The reduction of bacteria and viruses is a feasible way to help stem the spread of infections including MRSA.

The SANITIZED team is available to producers to answer their specific questions. Customer Service Desk:

SANITIZED AG is a Swiss specialist that leads the world with its material protection and odor management solutions for textiles and polymers. Active worldwide, the company has been blazing trails for 85 years to develop innovative antimicrobial additives and biocide-free technologies. One-of-a-kind support services for customers assist them throughout the application process for the additives, while also aiding in marketing and helping with technical and regulatory issues. Sanitized® is an Ingredient Brand that is used and held in high regard around the world. SANITIZED is a bluesign® system partner and produces OEKO-TEX® certified products.