Vietnamese Sneaker Brand Biti’s Hunter made themselves a Canvas to Feature the Nation’s Prideful Initiatives in the Face of COVID-19

Biti’s Hunter, a sneaker brand that stands for human progressiveness, decided to turn the spotlight on these #ProudlyMadeInVietnam stories. The company launched CANVAS OF PRIDE, a special collection, truly made by Vietnamese people, celebrating prideful Vietnamese innitiatives. By deconstructing the product into pieces of canvas and sharing the frames online, the company equipped and encouraged every Vietnamese artists, creative communities, people – to create and sell their designs, inspired by #ProudlyMadeInVietnam stories, produced by Biti’s Hunter, devolving 10% of the revenue to support the fight against Coronavirus. 

Cool artworks from Vietnamese Artists on shoes

Under the threat of the pandemic, as the humankind faces one of the toughest times of our generation, Vietnam has risen not only as one of the few places where the spread of the virus is well controlled, but also as the land of prideful initiatives. Vietnamese entertainers created a hand-washing dance, receiving appreciation from UNICEF; Vietnamese breadmakers invented dragon fruit bread & widely shared the recipe with goodwill to rescue farmers who struggled to export their harvest; Vietnam as a nation opened arm to welcome home & protect overseas Vietnamese people… Such made-in-Vietnam actions, beautifully embodying Vietnamese optimism, creativity and compassion. In among the abundance of bad news, threats, tensions everyday, these stories sparked hope, belief, and most of all, pride. 

Artworks inspired by proudly stories of Vietnamese in Covid 19

The disruptive idea instantly caught national attention and reached unprecedented engagement. Not only the artists contributed their unique, beautifully crafted designs, the nation’s most influential artists Huong Giang & VietMax joined to spread the message, but many local leading brands decided to join forces. Brands across industries – apparel (Canifa, Boo, Grimm DC, Verus, Faslink), porcelain wares (Minh Long), stationary (Thien Long), VinID (e-wallet), Admicro (Programmatics Ads), Shopee (E-commerce),  – adapted the submitted artworks to their products, devolving 10% revenue for the frontline.

With 20k pre-orders in less than 1 week, many more brands joining the movements, and overwhelming response from the Vietnamese youth, Biti’s Hunter truly ignited a united movement of the nation. CANVAS OF PRIDE itself became a made-in-Vietnam initiative that transmitted positive vibes across the nation, celebrating and inspiring the next prideful examples of unity, creativity, optimism, resilience and beyond.

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