Making day-to-day warp knitting easier

Innovations in spare parts and tools for KARL MAYER machines

KARL MAYER continuously develops not only its machines, but also well thought-out solutions to make operating them simpler and more efficient. In addition, the manufacturer continues to expand its WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS step by step.

Contactor cap for needle bars

The Needle Slot Protector in use

One of the latest tools is the Needle Slot Protector, which is a small but highly effective component. It unfolds when the working width deviates from the machine width. As a cap-like element with flat u-profile, the Needle Slot Protector is placed on the needle- free section of the needle bar and fixed with the needle bar cover, which protects the covered section from damage and contamination. The practical cover also contributes to the dimensional stability of the bar. The Needle Slot Protector is one inch wide, is made from lightweight plastic, and is easy to grip thanks to its rough surface. It is currently only available for some HKS models; versions for other series will follow. It is easy to order directly from KARL MAYER’s WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS or by using the k.maintenance app and scan-to-order function.

Segmented 2″ guide unit

Another innovation ensures shorter resetting times with minimum material waste when loading the ground guide bars of warp knitting machines. For fast changeover, 2″ variants are used instead of 1″ guide units, which can be separated into two halves using 1″ segmentation. If a guide needle is defective, it is not necessary to replace the entire unit, as is the case with standard 2″ versions. It is sufficient to simply separate the 1″ part from the damaged area and replace it separately. The practical 2″ plastic guide unit with sophisticated 1″ segmentation was launched at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona. Since then, customer interest has been growing worldwide. Numerous machines have already been equipped with the new 2″ guide units, and series machines with the units included will be delivered in the near future. There are also plans to expand the fineness variants. The segmented 2″ guide units are available for certain types of guide needles in gauges E 18 to a maximum of E 36.

Extended product range on WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS

KARL MAYER has made its WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS at its headquarters even more attractive, and has therefore expanded its range of spare parts for warp knitting machines – over 6000 parts can now be ordered directly via the digital ordering portal. The extended selection also includes selected articles for the RACOP and COPCENTRA series machines. The latest webshop upgrade also introduced additional product categories to simplify product searches within the catalogue. For example, under the “Knitting elements” heading, the Tools, Knitting elements and Threading-in comb/Yarn separating comb categories have been added, and the “Mechanical parts” heading has been extended to include the following categories: Bearing, Spring, Joint Rod socket, Knockover plate and Screws/Nuts/Washers.