Excellence, creativity and sustainability resulting in top-quality products: this is Vivolo’s SS2021 collection

Labels and small accessories stand together for the company’s great passion for leather, featuring a mix of eclectic inspirations, complemented by a variety of solutions and with a new exclusive Green Book, with a very sustainable approach.

A creative selection of proposals enriched with an innovative line of completely green products defines the SS2021 collection by Vivolo, historic Bologna-based company and leader in the industry of leather accessories for the apparel sector.

Sustainability is the running theme, thanks to the development of pioneering concepts that focus on the combination of zero-impact processing techniques and state-of-the-art materials, bringing to life RE Vivolo. This special Green Book gathers a selection of products that provide a sustainable interpretation of the unmistakable beauty that remains signature of the brand. The selection of specific raw materials defines five micro-areas in terms of options: leather (recycled, solvent-free and vegetable-tanned), eco-leather (solvent- free and jacron), technical solutions (silicon and recycled post-industrial polyurethane), fabrics (organic cotton, recycled cotton, felt obtained from the recycling of post-consumer plastic materials) and the brand new plant-based options (Apple Skin, Piñatex® and Bananatex®).

In parallel with this thriving eco-line, the collection does not fail to surprise presenting the evolution of more classical option, where Vivolo’s vocation for leather unfolds through innovative creativity and high craftsmanship, along with a research work to select the best raw materials available on the market.

The heritage style results in the selection of iconic designs, made thanks to an innovative combination heat embossing and hand painting enhancing the quality of leather through the creation of miniature works of art. An additional highlight is the embroidery section, always on leather, bringing to life unexpected games of color and tridimensionality.

Technical inspirations remain the most direct expression of the research and innovation work led by the in- house R&D team. From the use of high-performance materials to the implementation of state-of-the-art and low-impact processing techniques, the mood emphasizes the high-tech character of these options, through mirrored, reflective and iridescent finishings along with a fluorescent color palette. Silicon and polyurethane make again in this season their appearance, carrying on with the leitmotif of creativity that collection after collection defines new standards for the entire industry, creating modern looks invoking the classics as well as the tradition of the art of leather.

The collection comes to a close with the accessories – patches as well as drawstrings, puller, buttons and cord stoppers, along with many others – conceived to become the added detail to embellish and enhance outerwear and knitwear.

Once again, Vivolo proves its ability in interpreting a style that transcends time, representative of the Made in Italy tradition along with an unparalleled approach to production. Quality, transparency and traceability are the essential values of a completely verticalized supply chain, where every single step is monitored and audited in order to guarantee top-quality products.

From the selection of leather, the result of collaborations with first-class tanneries, and every other material to the use of state-of-the-art machinery, the company keeps being at the forefront of the development of solutions that are beautiful as well as responsible in terms of impact on the planet, its resources, and its people.

Vivolo is an international leader of great excellence of the “Made in Italy” and in the sector of leather accessories for clothing. The company has its base in Bologna and its products are reknown worldwide, thanks to contineous research and innovation, based upon a tradition of highest craftmanship with greatest attention to creativity and following the utmost qualtity aspects.