Swiss Crealet with 80 units on Tsudakoma water jet weaving machines

Based on convincing results, an order for 80 devices for weaving airbag fabrics on Tsudakoma water jet weaving machines was realised.

Avoid wavy selvedge areas

When weaving dense fabrics, such as airbag or filter fabric etc. the selvedge areas of the fabric may be looser than the rest of the fabric. This result is a selvedge waviness, also known as floppy selvedge.

The wider the fabrics are produced the more pronounced the waviness becomes.

Coating issues

These fabrics are often coated in a second phase. The wavy selvedges also have a negative effect when coating. Due to the loose edges a uniform coating of the fabric is almost impossible.

With the new BLDC selvedge thread control wavyness in the selvedge area can be prevented.

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Finally a note by CREALET :