Stereolithography (SLA) Quick Clear now available for Instant Pricing

One of the most popular ways to create clear or near transparent parts is to 3D print using Stereolithography (SLA) in clear resin and then add a custom clear coat finish called Quick Clear. The clear coat evens out the surface of the part, which allows light to pass through with little distortion.

Xometry has recently added Stereolithography (SLA) Quick Clear to our suite of instantly quotable finishes. Now, to get a quote on clear (translucent) parts within seconds, simply choose the following:

•             Process: SLA

•             Material: Accura ClearVue

•             Finish: Quick Clear

You can read the full product update here. And don’t forget, we always offer free shipping on 3D printing orders of USD 50 or more.*

More resources:

Watch: X-Tiles Clear Parts video to understand the differences between clear parts printed in various processes

Visit: Xometry SLA capabilities page to learn more about this process

Ready to get high-resolution clear parts? Upload your CAD file and get an instant quote with SLA Quick Clear as a finish for ClearVue, please click here