Swiss Producer and Import Price Index fell by 0.9 % in February 2020

The Producer and Import Price Index fell in February 2020 by 0.9 % compared with the previous month, reaching 99.8 points (December 2015 = 100). This decline is due in particular to lower prices for petroleum products. Compared with February 2019, the price level of the whole range of domestic and imported products fell by 2.1 %. These are the results of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

In particular, lower prices for waste collection, materials recovery, petroleum products and pharmaceutical preparations were responsible for the decrease in the Producer Price Index compared with the previous month. Basic metals and semi-finished metal products were also cheaper. In contrast, increasing prices were observed for pork.

The Import Price Index registered lower prices compared with January 2020, particularly for petroleum products, petroleum and natural gas. Price decreases were also seen for non-ferrous metals and products made therefrom, rubber and plastic products, basic pharmaceutical products and plastics in primary forms. The same applies for paper and paper products, timber products, green coffee as well as glass and glass products.

Applicable prices

The prices of domestic products are surveyed for the domestic market at the first marketing stage (i.e. ex works). These ex works prices include neither valued added tax nor consumption tax (e.g. on tobacco, alcohol or petroleum products).

For exports, net sales prices are surveyed FOB (free on board) which, pursuant to definition, do not include valued added tax.

For imports, prices are surveyed at the Swiss border minus valued added, consumption and customs taxes.

In general, the market prices (transaction prices) for products are surveyed at the time of ordering. Price reductions (discounts) are deducted. Prices in foreign currencies are converted at the exchange rate on the first working day of the survey reference period in Swiss francs. The reference period always covers the period from the 1st to 8th of the survey month. This provision allows the results for the reference month to be calculated and published in the course of the subsequent month.

Producer price index for selected services

Over a period of several years, the producer price index has gradually been extended to the service sector. The latest results are available from (in German): importpreise/dienstleistungen.html