Mobile Personal Shopping Service Handled launches to make life easier for busy Professionals

Mobile Personal Shopping Service Handled launches to make life easier for busy Professionals

The Toronto-based digital concierge service is the first of its kind in the city

Handled Concierge Services, launches a mobile-based personal shopping service in Toronto, giving busy professionals and families an alternative to fitting shopping into their schedules. Approximately one in five Canadians feel the burden of high-time pressure or what is often referred to as “time crunch,” and this first-of-its-kind digital concierge service eliminates the time requirement and stress shoppers face when balancing busy work-life schedules.1 With a personalized approach for each client, Handled offers full service personal shopping, gift purchasing, wardrobe consultation and styling, and more for professionals within the Greater Toronto Area.

“I know how busy life can get – I’ve been there, and sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get through your to-do list,” explained Shira Yoskovitch, founder and CEO of Handled Concierge Services. “Whether it’s planning for a big life change, or simply updating your wardrobe for an upcoming vacation, Handled takes the stress out of a routine activity like shopping, and gives clients time back in their day to focus on more important tasks.”

Eliminating the industry’s outdated one-size-fits-all shopping experience, the full-service platform adds personalization and customization to everyday shopping. Clients simply create a profile, schedule an initial free consultation, and set a budget and timeline for their required task. As an expert in retail and fashion, the assigned Handler researches the market, browses online and brick-and-mortar stores, plans the logistics for pickup and delivery, and purchases the client’s items, saving them the time and money that would be spent comparing products and shopping at various retailers.


Handled is an affordable alternative to expensive in-house personal shoppers and task companies that don’t always provide a personal touch. Unlike traditional in-store personal shopping services usually priced at above CAD 140 per hour, Handled offers its services at affordable prices. Handled pricing model begins at CAD 60 per hour for wardrobe consultations and 20 % of an items value for shopping services, and decreases its cost as customers shop with Handled more frequently.

“Our personalized approach to shopping sets us apart. Our small agile team of Handlers takes the time to understand each client’s needs and taste, and is aware of every important date and event in their schedule,” said Yoskovitch. “We care about building an everyday wardrobe filled with perfect pieces that work for each client’s lifestyle, and getting them items they love and feel comfortable in, no matter the budget or timeline.” 

The mobile-based concierge was founded by Shira Yoskovitch, a busy executive and care-taker who found that she had very little time to complete her growing list of tasks in between work and her personal life. The team includes Handlers Lindsay Jennings, who previously managed the VIP shopping program at luxury brand Pink Tartan, and Andre Reid, who has worked at retailers including Hugo Boss and J.Crew. To complete the entire shopping experience, Handled also offers specialized services such closet visits, styling, alterations, hair and makeup, and themed gift wrapping.

With plans for expansion, Handled has recently launched a gifting service and has plans to roll out a VIP program early next year. Perfect for big occasions and holiday celebrations, the gifting service will allow customers to upload a gifting list to the platform to have their Handler complete the running around and shopping, and the VIP program will reward frequent Handled customers.

Handled is an online personal shopping service offering shopping, gift purchasing, wardrobe consultation and styling, for busy professionals in the Greater Toronto Area. Handled provides customers with expert style assistance at their fingertips. Launched in June 2017, Handled was built as a solution for busy professionals who don’t enjoy shopping or have the time.

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