Swiss Army tests the suitability of modular clothing and equipment system MBAS

Swiss Army tests the suitability of modular clothing and equipment system MBAS

At the end of July 2017 the Swiss Army test of the suitability in military operations of a modular clothing and equipment system MBAS was started

The test will last until February 2018 with the aim to test the system’s suitability in daily military operations, respectively to judge the additional value and its troop suitability in practice.

For the test around 350 members of the Swiss Army from 13 teaching corps respectively competence centres were chosen. With the definite introduction a transformation on the multi surrounding camouflage pattern 16.

In the test phase the MBAS will be probe as a basic system (combat clothing, support system, ballistic body protection and drinking system). At the end of the troop test the results will be analysed and judged and these will be the basis for the decision of troop suitability. The system is provided for the 19th armament programme. The introduction is planned as of 2022.

The MBAS Project

The actual applied and proven combat clothing 90/06 with the basic support unit as well as the protection vest 96 should be replaced. With a modular clothing and equipment system for combat operations (MBAS) members of the army should be assisted in actual and future military commitment fulfilment. Technological development and logistic optimising potential should be considered.

  • The initial sourcing in the framework of CHF 250 million will be financed within the armament programme 19
  • The sourcing is subject to Puplic Procurement and in order that an introduction will be plausible by 2022.


MBAS Sytem




MBAS contains four sub systems:


  1. Combat clothing comprising of underwear, camouflage battle dress (summer and winter versions), wind and rain protection, as well as protection from cold.
  2. Handling systems entail varaious handling items such as supporting belts, supporting vest and or ChestRig, different sizes of packpacks and pocket sets.
  3. Ballistic body protection comprises of a plate carrier (reduced protection surface; operational at high physical weight and utmost agility), as well as a classic protection with according collar and lower area body protection (maximum protection surface, operational with normal physical weight/ static operation)
  4. The drinking system entails of water bag, drinking pipes and various adapters for PET bottles.

 MBAS has a high modularity. The already introduced and proven onion skin principle will be kept, in order that the wearer can adapt individually the clothes according to temperature and weather conditions.

The single bags can be mounted specifically and worn (choice of supporting device, a packpack, a plate carrier or a protective vest).

The troop test

In the framework of two test rows (principle tests) with a group of 15 subjects from the professional military a reduction of one to two variants per subsystem was achieved.

An example protection against the cold

In the troop test all components will be tested in solid colours and in the version basic system.

The multi

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