Berlin & Jaipur collaborate to launch their Signature Style – IMAIMA

Berlin & Jaipur collaborate to launch their Signature Style – IMAIMA

Fashion and design has been a way of life for the two friends who bonded over coffee and endless conversations on designing to give the fashion world a new sublime taste of east meets west, a subtle way to integrate their contrasting cultural moulds into one. These ideas took shape through IMAIMA, a quintessential label for contemporary woman who is no longer seeking in-trend wear but clothes that define her and enhance her personality

Sajal Dewan and Bahhareh Karimi have worked tenaciously to realize their dream of building a global brand with a touch of their cultural ethos. IMAIMA is steadfast in achieving its aim of taking the indigenous craftsmanship to the world with modern silhouettes creating minimalist styles that reflect understated luxury. IMAIMA extensively uses natural and hand- woven fabrics and incorporates ethical practices in its manufacturing, keeping the entire process transparent. Sartorial heritage with functional designs form the core of IMAIMA’s designing which are effortlessly stylish.

The instantly attractive designs are made with intricate motifs in thread and beadwork meandering on limited edition pieces. The colours are soft and the fabric rich which give a natural sheen to the garments. On a surge to create more functional and delectable designs, the experienced and inventive team of IMAIMA has lot more to offer in the future with its exclusive F/W 2017-18 Collection and Spring-Summer 2018 which will showcase exclusive designs using rich fabrics and silhouettes, just the way our customers across the globe like it. In just a short span of time, IMAIMA has gathered adulation for its collection from women across different age- groups, helping the brand acknowledge it is on track with what it set out to achieve.

With IMAIMA’s new collection in the making the brand is confident that it will be able to deliver as per the expectation from the brand. The F/W 2017-18 and S/S 2018 have drawn their inspirations from the traditional art of weaving designs using bright hues and rich materials keeping in line with fashion trends and tastes. The pret-à-porter demure collection justifies the traditional art of hand embroidery through modern designs and seamlessly fuses tradition with design. The collection is a visual spectacle for connoisseurs of fashion and brings out the transcendent essence of the heritage.

IMAIMA is a quintessential fashion label for the contemporary women. It is a meeting ground for creative sublime ideas from Berlin and Jaipur coming together to give a new meaning to understated luxury. The label is synonymous with identity of a woman, her love for culture and designs that are in vogue. Each piece is uniquely designed with a strong connection to craft and hand crafted embroideries on hand woven fabrics using ethical practices to manufacture its products.

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