Kwikee becomes Content Studio Partner

Kwikee becomes Content Studio partner

Dedicated team will create e-commerce-ready product imagery and information for the retailer

Kwikee – the leading North American provider of end-to-end solutions for the creation, management and distribution of brand assets and content – has partnered with Wal-Mart to operate and manage a content-creation studio inside the retailer’s fulfilment center in Chino Hills, California.

Kwikee is already part of Wal-Mart’s Content Service Provider (CSP) program and the launch of the Content Studio in Chino Hills is an extension of this successful partnership.

“Partnering with Wal-Mart to be on-site at one of their fulfilment centers is a game changer,” said Aidan Tracey, CEO of sgsco, Kwikee’s parent organization. “Having immediate access to the inventory in a controlled environment allows our team to quickly and accurately provide Wal-Mart with the premium digital assets they need to synchronize the physical and digital shelf in the fastest manner possible.”

Kwikee will create, manage and distribute thousands of images and descriptions of stock-keeping units (SKUs), as well as create marketing copy for

“As our digital shelves continue to expand, the need for consistent and high-quality SKU imagery and descriptions is critical for the growth of our e-commerce initiatives,” said Ram Rampalli, global head of content acquisition for Wal-Mart. “Capturing these assets from within our fulfilment centre ensures accuracy and saves valuable time in the production process.” 

This launch signifies another one of the many best-in-class enhancements and new additions that Kwikee will introduce over the coming year, further strengthening its existing offering. Recently, Kwikee also launched Brand Propeller, a turnkey service to help small and emerging brands create the agency-quality e-commerce-ready imagery and product data they need to propel their brand onto the digital shelf quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Currently, more than 98 % of the top retail, e-commerce, convenience, drugstore and wholesale companies utilize Kwikee-registered product content, which is provided to U.S. retail entities for use in physical and digital advertising, marketing, e-commerce, mobile and planogram applications. Kwikee works with a number of leading U.S. retailers to ensure they obtain the highest-quality and most up-to-date product-packaging content from more than 3000 consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers representing more than 100000 products.

Sgsco is a global leader in package production and related marketing services with a strong history as a provider of design-to-print graphic services. Comprising a collective of companies and people, sgsco offers many of the world’s leading CPG, Pharma, Retail and Printing companies a full spectrum of innovative packaging solutions that streamline the capture, management, execution and distribution of graphics information in all channels. A strong global infrastructure, built around the SGS production engine, provides the opportunity for sgsco’s 3400 professionals to share worldwide learning, insights and understanding to create unique physical and digital solutions for all customers. Sgsco’s global headquarters and production engine, SGS, are based in Louisville, Kentucky. Sgsco’s Canadian headquarters and flagship office is based in Toronto.

Since 1968, Kwikee has led the industry in the development, hosting and distribution of product content for retailers, manufacturers and other qualified users within the U.S. retail trade. The Kwikee mission is to provide clients and users with high-quality product images and data, which are passed on to consumers in marketing and e-commerce channels. Kwikee content is provided for free to U.S. retail entities for use in physical and digital advertising, marketing, e-commerce and planogram applications, and Kwikee’s Brand Propeller offering.

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