Pakistan CCAC estimates cotton output at 12.60 million bales for season 2017-18

The Pakistan Cotton Crop Assessment Committee (CCAC) during its second meeting held here on Thursday with Federal Secretary Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry Hassan Iqbal in the chair, reviewed the crop output in the country for the current season and estimated cotton crop production volume at 12.60 million bales for the crop season 2017-18

The meeting was informed that cotton crop output was remained same as forecast in the first review meeting and total production was estimated at 12.60 million bales during the current season.

It was informed that crop output in Punjab was recorded at 8.80 million bales, where as it was estimated at 3.70 million bales in Sindh and 0.01 million bales in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Meanwhile, it was informed that crop sowing had registered about 13.95 percent increase as compared the last year, whereas it was increased by 20.5 % in Punjab and decreased by 4.4 % in Sindh.

The Agriculture Department of Punjab informed the meeting that plant population has witnessed 8 %  increase, whereas the balls per plants was at par, adding that ball size slightly reduced.

It was informed that cotton crop had been cultivated over 1865 hectares of land in KP, whereas about 90 % crop picking had completed and average 15-18 munds crop achieved.

Addressing the meeting Federal Secretary Commerce and Textile Division Hassan Iqbal stressed the need for exploiting cotton production of Balochistan and said that a campus of National Textile University would be established and a ginning factory would also be installed in collaboration with the private sector.

A campus of NTU was established in Karachi and regular classes have been started, which would help in producing the skilled labor force for the sector to enhance the cotton value added products.

He informed that restructuring of Pakistan Central Cotton Committee was completed, which would help to develop extra germination and long staple cotton to fulfil the domestic requirements as well as for exporting.

Meanwhile, Cotton Commissioner Dr khalid Abdullah said that steps have been taken to produce early germination seed verities in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organization, which had trained the master trainers.

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) and Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) also attended the meeting. Among other the meeting was attended by the representatives of textile industry, provincial governments, Plant Protection Department, Trading Cooperation of Pakistan (TCP) and cotton growers.