Introducing a new approach to Home Interior Design from start to style

Introducing a new approach to Home Interior Design from start to style

New York City based twelvehome, a soft goods interior brand founded by published interior designer Christi Rogers and Paige Kramer, officially launches its inaugural collection of seven pre-designed room schemes with soft finishings, lighting, rugs, wall art and wall treatments. The brand was created around the idea that living stylishly with high designer looks does not require an interior designer price tag

Concepts for each of the seven pre-designed rooms range from luscious hues of purple, geometric pops of turquoise, beautiful hints of red-orange and soft touches of mint green. From dramatic and luxurious to cheery and playful, each room gathers a rich palette and versatile patterns to create a wide offering of aesthetics for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and more. Customizable options such as made-to-order rugs handwoven in Nepal and authentic limited edition prints from coveted artists allows for customers to tailor each room to their personal style.

“With digital DIY inspiration, a broadened range of product offerings and accessibility to high-end vendors there is a unique opportunity for one to flex their own design capabilities without the trained eye of an interior designer. twelvehome was born when Paige and I observed there was a lack of knowledge with balancing color, layering textures and practically fabricating for these self-designers. The room offerings of twelvehome give you the essentials for a beautifully layered, unique room and allows you to visualize the end product and effortlessly implement your personal style.” – Christi Rogers, Co-Founder

Well-versed in the design world, twelvehome is the creative notion of interior designer Christi Rogers and marketing expert Paige Kramer. Christi’s vast creative experience with her own design firm paired with Kramer’s family background in the furniture industry, brings a new approach to designing interior spaces. twelvehome, the name which derives from 12th Street in New York City where both Christi and Paige once lived, is a creative collaboration of the duo and is breaking down the walls of the exclusive design world and making high-end, designer living accessible to all.

“When designing a space there is an emotional element within the conceptual process, creating an environment that will live in one’s home. Christi and I are drawn to designs that have character and depth when shopping the fabric market and work towards creating concepts that are adaptable to personal style. A light, delicate twelvehome palette can be paired with a punchy limited edition print to juxtapose the softness of the space and infuse an individual attitude.” – Paige Kramer, Co-Founder

twelvehome is a direct to consumer brand with each pre-designed room scheme available in numerous offerings, including full-room options and multiple sizes in soft goods. Essential room packages start at USD 1749.00 and individual items start at USD 89.00 for a pillow up to USD 3725.00 for a bespoke rug. twelvehome offers shipping within the continental US.

The founders

Christi Rogers has spent her career designing luxurious interiors for her clients. Through her time living in Prague and London and her extensive travels throughout Europe, Christi developed a curiosity and appreciation for interiors around the world. Christi received a degree in Interior Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and after completing the program landed a position with world-renowned interior designer Jamie Drake. There Christi managed over 25 projects ranging from the Showtime Metropolitan Home Show homes to resort villas in Aruba and gained experience in a vast array of areas from product and furniture design to tabletop styling. In 2009, Christi founded CRD Associates, where she creates residential and commercial interiors. In addition to her design degree, Christi also holds a degree in International Business and Finance from Loyola University New Orleans.

Paige Kramer was born into the furniture industry. Paige’s family owns one of Florida’s oldest and most well respected home furnishings businesses. Having spent each summer working in the family business, she developed a deep love and appreciation for home furnishings and design. Through the construction of her family’s homes in New York City and The Hamptons, she met interior designer Christi Rogers and the idea for twelvehome was born. Prior to co-founding twelvehome, Paige spent ten years with The Commissioner’s Office of Major League Baseball handling entertainment and lifestyle public relations. In addition to twelvehome, Paige spends time volunteering with an educational and arts mentoring program for underserved children in New York City. Paige holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and Fine Art from The George Washington University.

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