MYRAGS, the advanced digital look customiser, the revolution of the world fashion design

MYRAGS, the advanced digital look customizer, the revolution of the world fashion design

The software was launched at Denim Première Vision on April 26- 27, 2017. It will allow designers to create the look of any and every denim collection directly from their own computer, to set up the very first digital network of trade and to put online the excellence of the protagonists of the global fashion chain

From the “dirty hands” of true denim heads of the jeans industry comes the idea which is going to change the way style comes to life: that’s MYRAGS, the brand new digital “look customizer”, a tool to give free rein to creativity, carrying out original looks easily and directly connected to the best players of the global chain.

DenimPV20Born from an idea of Umberto Brocchetto and the support of Valter Celato along with a strong team of professionals who’ve been working in the denim industry and treatments for over thirty years, MYRAGS is a digital portal that offers the possibility to design and customize prototypes and style works, thanks to an evolving database connecting suppliers, partners and sales agencies on an international scale. The goal is to offer the widest choice of customization, picking from fabrics, accessories, yarns, laundry treatments and much more.

“This is not just about denim, it’s about the whole material being transformed” says Umberto Brocchetto. “Of course the experience we have about jeans is the core, what has driven us in developing that kind of sensitiveness which pushes us to create and produce and that eventually has come together in what is now MYRAGS – a project which embodies the ideas of personalization, creativity and free interpretation.”

DenimPV19In a market scenario where trends follow one another and where everything seems “ready- made” there’s a chance products become all-alike. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that research and experimentation are given back the center of the stage, making sure they fit into the needs of the production of our days, by focusing on some key concepts such as interactivity, networking, saving, sharing.

•             Interactivity:  designers,  garment  makers  and  industrial  laundries  can  exploit  their creativity up just by using their own computer; they can get in touch and interact with  an extensive archive of effects, both traditional and up-to-date to the latest market trends, ensuring top precision on technical details needed for the executive prototypes. Also, black and white drawings can easily be turned into HD photo images to have an actual overview of the collection whenever is needed;

•             Networking: the best available at your disposal, all in one. MYRAGS connects the designers with the most important suppliers and sales agencies through Geo- localization, so to make the research and the contact with partners as smooth as possible. A unique chance to join together the whole supply chain in one virtual place, up-to-date in real time continuously collecting feedbacks from all users as in a real online community.

•             Saving: Online targeted experimentation means saving time, resources and energy offline. All the traveling needed to get the documentation in the archive or to verify the steps at the laundry can now be optimized, so are the meetings with suppliers which will focus on the items already selected on the digital platform. Designing has

never been so easy and stimulating, with fewer prototypes to be tested to get a specific effect and therefore less fabric, water and energy to be used.

•             Sharing: benefits are more valuable if shared. MYRAGS is so intuitive that it can be used also by beginners, prototype makers, making it easy to train and educate the young generations of talents. In addition, the platform allows to get projects that are clear and understandable by all departments involved in the approval or interested in the project within the company.

MYRAGS launch at Denim Première Vision April 26-27, 2017 took place within a dedicated space and including two live presentations of the project.

The service will then be available from July 2017 by annual subscription to the whole platform and, upon request, with the chance of integrating additional appendixes in the following months.

Our goal is to get creativity, research, functionality and “materiality” together in just  one tool, available at any moment to all users where the whole chain can meet  and exchange points of view and results” says Umberto Brocchetto. “We’re extremely satisfied with the interest people have shown from the very first internal trials: just another confirmation that we’re headed in the right direction for the industry”.


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