Textile certification for international trade

Textile certification for international trade

Last year, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India – which are major textile exporters – suffered a major setback when their Oeko-Tex certification was revoked

At an information seminar held in Mulan, Punjab, Pakistan, to create more awareness of the standards and services provided by the company organised by Hohenstein Institute Pakistan about Oeko-Tex certification on April 26, 2017

Khawaja Muhammad Younas, Chairman of All Pakistan Bedsheet & Upholstery Manufacturers Association speaking at the event asked the value-added industry that they could submit their compensation claims through the upholstery association.

Some members of the body had submitted their claims, which were then referred to the ministry for payments and others should submit requests as early as possible after receiving the certification, which was necessary for international trade.

Hohenstein Institute Pakistan Country Head SM Khalid pointed out that his company had been working for nearly 70 years on the testing and certification of textile products of all kinds.

It is familiar with manufacturing processes and can offer to customers a range of testing services designed to meet their particular needs.

They will help to solve problems at all stages of processing and assist with the marketing of products they have tested by issuing certificates and labels both for the B2B sector and for the end-consumer.

He pointed out that Standard 100 Oeko-Tex was a certification system for raw, semi-finished and finished textile products at all processing levels as well as for accessories.

The value-added textile sector should opt for Oeko-Tex certification in order to get access to international markets without any impediments.



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