UK Shoppers prefer next-day delivery over click-and-collect

UK Shoppers prefer next-day delivery over click-and-collect

New research has found that almost one in five UK retailers are failing to offer satisfactory delivery and returns options.

According to ecommerce agency Ampersand, more than half of consumers preferred next day delivery but 18 % of retailers were failing to offer it to customers.

In comparison, an online YouGov survey of UK consumers shows that 52 % favour next-day delivery than any other option, if it were offered at a price they were willing to pay.

This is the second-time Ampersand has conducted this research, after looking at the delivery offerings of 185 of the top UK multichannel retailers in April 2017.

The first study, from May 2014, revealed similar results and reaffirmed the need for more work retailers needed to do.

Comparing the 2014 and 2017 surveys, consumers still prefer next-day delivery over other methods including click-and-collect and same-day delivery.

The percentage of people who preferred same day delivery, if it was at a price they were willing to pay, nearly halved since 2014 – from 21 % to 12 %, while preference for next day delivery has increased from 46 % to 52 % between the two surveys.

Out of the retailers that do offer next-day delivery, more than 40 % offer it at a price which 89 % of consumers would be unwilling to pay, which was over £5.

Only six retailers surveyed offer next-day delivery for free, which includes Jimmy Choo, Sunglass Hut and Apple. COS.

Harrods and Diesel’s next-day delivery services are the most expensive, ranging from £12 to £20, according to the research.

Meanwhile, 65 % of retailers in the UK offer click-and-collect, but only 18 % of consumers consider it their preferred method of receiving their goods from online shopping.

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