Metalbottoni sets the stage at Kingpins Show for the new and amazing GRAVITA collection

Metalbottoni sets the stage at Kingpins Show for the new and amazing GRAVITA collection

The spring season inaugurates the grand innovations in the Metalbottoni world, with two firsts marking a most important moment and turning point for trend and strategic objectives.

The Amsterdam Kingpins Show, April 19-20, 2017 is the exclusive setting chosen to introduce the new GRAVITA collection which explores and reinvents as never before the world of pressure buttons. A line that fits in perfectly with the development route of the many new proposals contained in the AW 2018/19 collection, which will be presented at the show with the renewed MONSTER range dedicated to denim, casual and sportswear.

The occasion becomes doubly unmissable, as this is the first year that Metalbottoni has been chosen to exhibit at the Kingpins Show, an exhibition which has always been able to anticipate fashion trends, spotlighting futuristic projects.

The new GRAVITA collection

With GRAVITA, Metalbottoni literally revolutionizes the universe of pressure buttons, in what is in fact the first collection which our company dedicates entirely to this accessory. Combining state of the art technological product research, artisanal creativity and our exceptional and distinguishing attention to detail, GRAVITA fully exalts the potential of the pressure button.


A collection where technology, total innovation, technique and attention to detail combine in creativity and dynamism which reflects the dedication with which our R&D department, all done in-house, strives for innovative and unsurpassed solutions to market requirements.

What makes GRAVITA a truly exceptional line is also the wide range of items offered. A range where functionality and technique are unequalled, thanks to the development of components which are highly differentiated and capable of being personalized, thus allowing the client to find the accessory which best suits the characteristic of the fabric.

The collection is completed by a stylistic proposal which is truly in the vanguard, intertwining technique and differing style solutions, offering a range of heads which give the pressure button new lymph and vitality. Having always been regarded as a purely technical element, GRAVITA has greatly enhanced the aesthetic aspect, coming up with a unique combination of fashion and sportswear elements, in fact creating new borders in the use of this accessory.

Metalbottoni Spa CEO, Gregorio Valli underlines the characteristics which make GRAVITA a transversal and state of the art collection: “GRAVITA is a line which boasts 6 innovative projects, for a collection unequalled in dynamism and freshness, where the pressure button becomes an accessory which provides a unique added value for any item of clothing: functional, technical and aesthetic”.

With GRAVITA we also increase our spectrum of client support, which has always been a hallmark of what Metalbottoni offers its clients. Because of the prototyping and testing carried out internally, Metalbottoni is able to assist the client in all phases of the operation, solving any type of problem which may arise, above all technical, and also the most suitable for the item in question. This is a decisive factor when dealing with pressure buttons.

The first time at the KINGPINS SHOW

There could not have been a better showcase for the launching of GRAVITA than one of the most exclusive stages on the European scene. For the first time in its history, Metalbottoni was selected to exhibit at the Kingpins Show. Moreover, this great exhibition held in Amsterdam has many aims and values in common with our company. The concept of sharing ideas and courses of action in teams of professionals within an informal environment, as well as the stringent attention to detail are the distinguishing features of our approach to the world of accessories. The focus on the sustainability of processes and materials, which are values to be shared by the entire industry, and which the KINGPINS SHOW has always has always supported, finds reciprocity in the SUSTAINABLE PROTOCOL“No Impact”, which Metalbottoni has developed and implemented for all its collections for a considerable number of years. Moreover, the importance of the “fertilization” of ideas and progress via seminars and debates which take place at the Kingpins Show are echoed by the constant activity of research and development carried out by our company.

Kingpins Amsterdam thus also becomes the ideal showcase to introduce the numerous and innovative elements of our collection aimed at the world of denim, in keeping with our policy of continuous search for infinite style solutions.

Reengineering of the classics: Metalbottoni AW 2018/19

The Kingpins Show will also be the setting for the presentation of the renewed MONSTER collection, which has always been a leader in the denim, casual and sportswear sector.

The novelties of the MONSTER AW 2018/19 range are developed by means of a strong creative concept: the reengineering of the great classics. Shapes and proportions become resplendent with a new life thanks to the reinterpretation of the details.

The western style, typical of this line, still remains central, but it is softened and restyled by cleaner and more sober lines, with finishing offs which acquire a new personality and meaning.

The sportswear also acquires a new look, amalgamating with the fashion world combining a mix of styles and workmanship which carries us back to the iconic sportswear brands of the 80’s and 90’s in an amazing blend of vintage and customized items. Anti-fashion, once again, becomes “cool” and fashionable, the past becoming a continuous source of inspiration to redesign the future.

Maria Teresa Ricciardo, Creative Director of Metalbottoni Spa. explains: “With these new proposals, we want to reaffirm our continuing capacity to reinterpret the world surrounding us. From the styles of the past, from the vintage and historical icons, we set out to reinvent the accessory; no longer as a simple adornment, but as a detail with a strong expressive character. To create unique elements capable of adding value, personality and a genuine “Made in Italy” style to the item in question”.

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