ALBIATE 1830 discloses unexplored frontiers in lightweight fabrics at Kingpins in Amsterdam

ALBIATE 1830 discloses unexplored frontiers in lightweight fabrics at Kingpins in Amsterdam

Style embraces innovation, creativity goes hand in hand with expertise drawn from a long-time history, which spans over almost two hundred years in the world of fashion. ALBIATE 1830, an Albini Group brand, embodies the most sublime quest for innovation in lightweight fabrics

Enjoy the stunning preview of the FW18-19 collection and discover the new face of the brand at Kingpin Amsterdam (April 19-20, 2017)

albiateALBIATE 1830 will take part a t Kingpins – Amsterdam edition, one of the key moments in the indigoAlbini Group world agenda. During this crucial event, ALBIATE 1830 will show, together with an astounding preview of its FW18-19 collection, the new face of the brand .

Firstly, a minimal and a t the same time strongly memorable logo, identified to highlight the two main traits of the mark: on one hand, it is absolutely significant experience in textile world , on the other hand its deep connection with the emerging trends of the market, for a brand that holds in itself the young spirit and the wisdom that comes only thanks t o a long-standing experience. A strong aesthetic simplification able to reveal the essence of the brand, perfectly in tune with its always trendy proposals and with the impalpable lightness of its stylish fabrics.

This new logo goes now with the payoff “Italian textile explorers” , the perfect expression to reveal the ALBIATE 1830’s fashion formula , characterized by a solid positioning on innovation and charming evolution of the sector. To explore rhymes with progress for the brand, that every year reveals the endless possibilities of style through astonishing finishings and inspiring washings able to capture and crystallize the many faces of its concepts, the right answer to all the casualwear enthusiasts out there.ALBIATE-034_1

The preview of the FW18-19 collection shown during Kingpins perfectly mirrors this approach, and will charm visitors with its never-ending patterns, colours and textile solutions .

Multiplicity is the key : ALBIATE 1830, leader in the world of lightweight fabrics, offers during each season a wide range of concepts coming in more than 1000 versions , created to be the perfect ingredients for shirts, blouses, jackets, vests and for all the garments that need a r efined and cool ally.

Here are the three main lines of the collections:

DENIM : which reveals each and every shade of the indigo world;

SPORT : casual and contemporary;

JACQUARD : versatile and full of unexpected aesthetic solutions.

ALBIATE-034_2But there is more: traditionally, ALBIATE 1830 works side by side with its clients, creating personalized and highly customizable fabrics , in order to be excellently connected with the creative inspirations of the designers and with the many souls of the brands .

ALBIATE 1830 is the perfect partner for all the fashion companies that need a real specialist in lightweight fabrics: ranging from ethereal 70g/m2 variations t o a top thickness of 250g/m2 , ALBIATE 1830 tirelessly researches crafting perfection out of this amazing live matter, opening up to brand-new textile innovation horizons with a unique Made in Italy touch.

Albiate 1830 is an Albini Group brand – creating the most beautiful fabrics for shirts in the world.

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