Gulsan to invest in latest Reicofil Technology

Gulsan to invest in latest Reicofil Technology

Gulsan and Reifenhauser held a joint press conference at INDEX announcing Gulsan’s commitment to purchasing a Reicofil 5 line. The announcement came just hours after Reicofil had announced the launch of Reicofil 5 technology, which follows the Reicofil 4+ technology and sets new standards for spunbond and composite nonwovens, according to Reifenhauser

The new line, which will be located in Turkey, will feature six beams, will be 5.2 meters wide and will add 35000 tons of capacity to Gulsan’s operation. It will serve the hygiene and markets.Gulsan

This latest news follows a previous announcement from Gulsan, in February 2017, that it would add a new Reicofil 4+ line in Egypt, which is on track to start in 2018.

These two latest investments will bring Gulsan Turkey’s total capacity to 120000 tons and Egypt’s total capacity to 40000 tons per year.

These new investment decisions for Turkey and Egypt have been made to support Gulsan’s future growth in the industry and in the region with highly sophisticated and up-to-date production technologies to its business partners and reinforces the company’s position as one of the leading manufacturers of spunmelt materials with total of 160,000 tons per year capacity in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

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