With Fashion retaining the Culture, with ingenuity amazing the World

With Fashion retaining the Culture, with ingenuity amazing the World

On March 27, 2017, EVE GROUP, a leading Chinese fashion group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Qianxinan autonomous prefecture, which represents a profound national culture. This provides new ideas and new models to achieve precision poverty alleviation, traditional cultural revival, and drive productivity rooted in Chinese cultureChina

At the same time, the 2017 EVE CINA Style Fashion Show spread the BUXQYAIX culture known for thousands of years on the international stage for the first time. Nine mothers and fashion models brought us a touching and warm performance together on site. The folk music created by the sound of their weaving became the most beautiful rhythm on the stage.

The on-site display has 42 sets of clothing in this season. Based on the BUXQYAIX theme, clothes were handcrafted by mothers from Ceheng county in China’s Qianxinan autonomous prefecture. EVE CINA designers redefined national characteristics by extracting and recreating the traditional pattern and elements and utilizing the modern expression practices.

20 organizations throughout the world have cooperated with the EVE-China Craftsmanship, including the British B&H creative platform, former Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz and “World Wedding Queen” YUMI KATSURA. They all used these handcrafted patterns by mothers from China’s ethnic minority groups. They display culture from their traditional craft, which has a scale and system shock to the foreign fashion market for the first time. Let the beauty of Chinese crafts impress the world, let the spirit of Chinese craftsmen hand down from generation to generation.

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