Lovisa Malmberg Gomis designs intelligent clothing for Swedish Kappahl

Lovisa Malmberg Gomis designs intelligent clothing for Swedish Kappahl

Lovisa Malmberg GomisThis spring Lovisa Malmberg Gomis – winner of KappAhl’s Sustainable Design Contest 2016 – will bring us new and exciting designs in the form of two multifunctional dresses that can each be used in three different ways

At the end of April, KappAhl launches the winning entry in KappAhl’s Sustainable Design Contest.Kappahl-2 Winner Lovisa Malmberg Gomis’ design builds on an idea to create so-called intelligent clothing – that is to say, garments that can be varied and that have multiple areas of use, thereby gaining a longer lifespan. Lovisa has designed two dresses, each with three functions – perfect for both everyday wear and parties.

By creating a garment that can be used in different ways and in different situations, you extend its lifespan. In a playful and creative way, we can actually make a smarter choice for our environment and future. Sustainability is as simple as that, Lovisa explains.

Lovisa’s idea for smart clothing is both spot on and an inspiration to us at KappAhl. We work hard to find creative solutions that promote more sustainable fashion consumption. And this is just what Lovisa has done in our competition, with her design for multifunctional dresses, says Maria Segergren, KappAhl’s vice president, assortment and design.

Video materials have been produced to show how the smart dresses can be used. See the films HERE, HERE and HERE.


Lovisa’s dresses will be available in select KappAhl stores and online in the end of April 2017.


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