NAVIS TUBETEX installs stenter coating line in USA

NAVIS TUBETEX installs stenter coating line in USA

Navis TubeTex announces a new coating line for industrial fabrics, label and art canvas industries running in the USA. The New M&W N-Dura stenter more than doubles the production of the plant

The M&W N-Dura Coating line is a complete dual coating line with 2 coaters and 2 separate stenters inline to apply and dry/cure both water and solvent based products. The line includes two flexible M&W applicators for dry edge coating, selectively on either or both faces, with high solids coatings.

Navis TubeTex uses full automation with weight/density, tension, and temperature monitoring of the web. Automatic unwinder and winder provide non-stop operation.Navis TubeTex M&W N-Dura Stenter

This coating line is the latest of 3 new coating lines Navis TubeTex has installed in the last 12 months. The highly efficient N-Dura meets and exceeds the quality and production expectations for customers.

Engineered Quality

Founded in 1929, Navis TubeTex is a leader in finishing machinery for the global textile industry. Based in Lexington, North Carolina, Navis TubeTex designs, engineers and manufactures the world’s leading machinery for the global knit, woven, nonwoven, technical and geotextile industries.

TubeTex was founded in Woodside, New York in 1929 by Samuel “Pop” Cohn. The company supplied machinery for finishing “tubular” knit finishing fabrics and remained family owned until it was sold to Hanson Industries plc in the 1970s. During the 1970s and 1980s the U.S. textile industry began to move from the Northeast to the Southeast. TubeTex moved from New York to Lexington, North Carolina in 1989 to remain close to the customer base. In 1996, Tube-Tex was acquired by Richards Capital, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. The Harbor Group, a St. Louis based private equity firm purchased Tube-Tex from Richards in 1998 and began an aggressive growth strategy including making multiple strategic acquisitions as add-ons to the TubeTex business.

In 2004, HKW, an Indianapolis based private equity group purchased TubeTex from the Harbor Group. The customer base grew and diversified into many areas outside the core “tubular” knit business such as wovens, open-width knits, nonwovens, technical textiles, home furnishings and carpet. Reflecting this move and “navigation” into new areas the name of the company was changed to “Navis TubeTex” in 2006. It was during this same year that Will Motchar was named President and Chief Executive Officer having previously been the V.P. of Global Sales & Marketing since 1998. In 2011, Motchar teamed with the Capitala Group, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, to purchase the company from HKW. Today the company is flourishing through an ever increasing commitment to Research & Development that has resulted in new technologies and products with a special focus on “green” technology that decreases water, chemical and energy usage for customers.

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