New exclusive Indigo yarns for seamless denim fashion

New exclusive Indigo yarns for seamless denim fashion

UNITIN, indigo yarn specialist, is adding and offering on stock service a new exclusive yarn, the Ne 30/1 Compact Cotton “S Torsion” Indigo 11 (Inverse Torsion). This new yarn’s main applications are Seamless Technology and Circular knittingunitin_seamless_1

Preview in Seamless fashion solutions

UNITIN Indigo Yarns for Seamless denim fashion have been showcased at last August’s BLUEZONE International Denim Trade Fair in Munich, when DEN/IM, a new one piece denim fabric concept, was presented in co-operation with Santoni, Lenzing and Tonello.

unitin_javier_morera_4The new complete total look capsule collection developed by Santoni is composed of body hugging, comfortable, sporty, chic and trendy denim items. This stretch indigo denim concept further enhances the idea of innovative knit denim as a counter-point to the traditional woven denim fabric. The genuine DNA of denim is maintained with contributions from the four leading supply chain partners, being UNITIN the provider of the indigo dyed yarns.

According to Michael Kininmonth, Business Development Manager for Lenzing. “Having previously worked with UNITIN indigo yarns on a flat-bed knit project and knowing the innovative garment processing developments Tonello have brought to the market, the decision to work on such a project was an easy one.”

Product specifications

UNITIN indigo-dyed cotton eliminates the need to dye during the garment process, saving much water. Available in a range of indigo hues, different denim tones can be achieved.

UNITIN is at this stage offering the Ne 30/1 in Z & S torsion on standard dark indigo colour while other counts or colours, as lighter ones or blue-black, are available now on Z torsion.unitin_seamless_2

UNITIN is the trademark of Industrias Morera SA, a textile industry specialized in the Dye and Finishing on Piece and Yarn. Located 70Km North of Barcelona, it has been in the textile business since 1924, and is composed nowadays of 4 different departments: yarn die, piece dye, upholstery and denim.

unitin_seamless_3UNITIN – Industrias Morera SA has been shortlisted in the Best Product – Clothing Textiles category of the Future Textiles Awards 2017 by the World Textile Information Network (WtiN), the winners of which will be announced at the awards ceremony taking place on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Industrias Morera S.A. (Unitin) is a family business founded in 1924. Since then has developed several activities in the textile business. From weaving to dye to sell fabrics for bed linen, clothing…

Industrias Morera is a textile Industry dedicated to the Dye and Finishing on Piece and Yarn.

The factory is located in Avinyó, near Manresa, 70 Km North of Barcelona.

Mill of Unitin

The production is carried out on more than 10000 square metres of buildings and the company keeps on growing since it started on 1924.

An efficient human team and a modern fully automated machinery are our bases to offer competitive and high quality products.

Constant preoccupation to improve products and services have taken the company among the leaders for each of these specialities.

The company has actually 4 different departments. Yarn die, piece dye, upholstery and denim.

At the beginning of the 70s it started a complete production range of denim. From dyeing to weaving and selling fabric. In the 90s it developed and patented our own system to dye indigo yarn and present it on cones suitable for knitting. It is technically a difficult process and we are one of the few in the world that can do it. And it can proudly say that our dye quality is the highest of the market, and that we can produce unmatchable indigo knit fabrics.

Since 2005 we have started to commercialise a full collection of knit fabrics. With them “tops” can be produced, and with the proper washing, will become unique and different. All the special effects and finishing that can be obtained on denim trousers (jeans) can be also obtained on tops. The possibilities are enormous.

All the industrial activity, from the dye of the yarn to the final control of the fabric is developed in our mill located in Avinyó, north of Barcelona (Spain), fulfilling all the requirements of the EC standards.

Our long developed know how in denim as in finishing of the fabrics has placed us on the state of the art of this product and is giving our customers the opportunity to get in a new and exciting world of “top” fashion.

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