India: A Lucrative Market for Textile Chemicals

India: A Lucrative Market for Textile Chemicals

Textile chemicals have a close association with the textile industry; the growth in textiles market along with the growth of textile trade is expected to have a positive influence on the India textile chemicals market. An increasing thrust for export of quality textiles to Western countries is also positively driving the textile chemicals market. In addition, increasing investments by the industry players for the development of eco-friendly chemicals will also contribute to the growth of the India textile chemicals market

Textile chemicals are a class of specialty chemicals that are used for dyeing and processing of textiles in order to obtain the final product with required characteristics. The India textile chemicals market is highly fragmented with a presence of more than 300 small and large players. The presence of a large number of players is attributed to the heavy subsidies provided by the Government of India to small players for setting up business operations. This accounts for the majority share being held by minor players. However, the share of small textile chemical manufacturers is expected to decline in the coming years due to the increasing preference for quality products and the increasing penetration of technical textiles.

Increasing export of quality textiles exhibit demand for Auxiliaries Textile Chemicals

The production of textiles involves numerous water and chemical intensive processes. These chemicals, which are broadly classified into colourants and auxiliaries, are used during textile processing and manufacturing processes.

Auxiliaries will account for a major share of the India textile chemicals market owing to the increasing demand for quality textiles and technical textiles in both domestic and international markets. The increasing exports of high-quality textiles in the U.S. and Western Europe are also exhibiting an increasing demand for auxiliaries.

Chemicals such as azo dyes and formaldehyde that are used in textile processing pose a risk to the environment. To address this, textile chemical manufacturers are investing in R&D and striving to develop green products that are environmentally sustainable. Producers of textile chemicals are also stressing upon the use of bio-auxiliaries and alternate environment-friendly materials to curb the overall pollutant concentration.

The Indian textile chemicals industry is a major consumer of water and energy. The use of novel textile processing techniques such as beck dyeing modification, dye bath reuse, close cycle textile dyeing, foam process, mach nozzle fabric drying, and ink and film application can reduce water and energy consumption in the textile chemicals industry.

Launch of ‘Technology Mission’ for Textiles by Government of India Encourages Entry of New Players

The India textile chemicals industry is witnessing a sea of change in terms of product innovation. Top players in the India textile chemicals market such as Clariant and Huntsman and BASF are striving for the development of eco-friendly products as well as high-end products that impart functional properties to textiles. These companies are extensively utilising bio-auxiliaries and other eco-friendly chemicals to curb the overall pollution caused by textile processing plants. Other than this, product manufacturers are implementing functional solutions such as negative ion therapy, anti-microbial effect, novel effect, and stain releases.

In this regard, the Government of India has introduced ‘Technological Mission’ in the bid to encourage new players to participate in the technical textiles industry and allied industries. The programme aims to educate new players and share knowledge about technical textiles.

Apparel, home furnishing/textiles, and industrial textiles are the major end users of textile chemicals. Among these, apparel accounts for the largest share owing to the increasing demand for fashionable and eco-friendly products. The expeditious growth of the apparel industry is a major factor supporting the growth of the India textile chemicals market.

The information presented here is sourced from Future Market Insights latest report on the Asia Textile Chemicals Market. A free sample of this report is available upon request at the first link below.

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