New Trident bed linen venture takes five Monforts units

New Trident bed linen venture takes five Monforts units

Trident Group, the world’s largest terry towel manufacturer, has recently ventured to produce bed linen and has installed a total of five new Monforts machines on the production line

Trident Group, one of the largest Integrated Home Textile manufacturers in the world, has installed five new Monforts machines for its new bed linen venture which has been commissioned in Budni, near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Central IndiaMonforts 1

For the production of bed linen, Trident is using two Montex 6500 stenters, two Monfortex 8000 sanforisers, and a Thermex with CDR E-control technology.

Each of the machines has been installed to handle an extra-wide width of 3200 mm.

The new Monforts machines were manufactured in Germany and installed by ATE Enterprises Pte Ltd, Monforts’ representative for India, in close coordination with the strong and able Trident technical team.

“The installation was completed in a remarkably short time,” said Chief Executive Officer of the bed linen division, Rajesh Singh. “Usually, if you are starting up a new factory there is a considerable amount of time in planning and then installing all the equipment.

“This facility is purely for bed linen and came on-line in the shortest time we have ever seen. For five Monforts machines, it was a very impressive achievement.

“This new venture was launched in late 2014 to produce bed linen and by the end of Feb 2016 we were in production. Everything went incredibly quickly,” he added.

Monforts 3According to Singh, the expansion into bed linen represents a USD 250 million investment and included the installation of 500 air jet looms.

“Our production capacity is around 43.2 million meter per annum of bed linen fabric, equivalent to 7.5 million bed linen sets per annum” he said and added “The bed linen unit is backed by a ring spinning unit with 190,000 spindles making the bed linen plant a vertically integrated self-reliant facility manufacturing top-quality bed linen products.”

Monforts Area Sales Director for Southeast Asia, Hans Gerhard Wroblowski, confirmed that the extra width handled by the machines will provide the capacity for extra-large sizes and consequently open greater market potential. “The weight of the fabric is between 125 and 250 g/m², and with this kind of consistency, the specifications fit comfortably into our product range. No fundamental changes were needed. We supplied an engineer from Germany to supervise the installation alongside ATE and Trident’s highly experienced personnel, and consequently everything was completed very quickly,” he added.Monforts_3535llr

Mr J P Shukla, President Bed Linen Dyeing and Processing, said that Trident had not contemplated using any technology other than the Monforts units.  He said, adding, “We are committed on producing the highest quality terry towels and bed linen products, and we know that Monforts can help us in maintaining our quality standards. Along with the Monforts machines we have installed the highest quality air jet looms, continuous dyeing and processing equipment, and fully automatic cutting, stitching and packing machines. Everything is geared to extremely high-volume production, and to the highest quality. We are very proud of this plant, which we believe to be the most advanced of its kind in India and the world”


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